Monday, January 03, 2011

scrapbooking: DIY accordion album by envelopes

This is a little photo-album made from brown paper envelopes. It's my original creation though I'm sure there will be others out there!

I've always loved accordion folded albums and I decided to make this mini-one for a friend's birthday. Was quite hesitant to make things for guys as it's so limited to the stuff and color range you can use, but I must say I'm pretty, pleased with the outcome. Overall a simple project which took me 3 hours only, to make from scratch!

Color theme: Eggshell blue, newsprint, cream and highlights of yellow, copper. Quite into yellow these days!!!

Materials: 4 and a half small brown envelopes (the smallest size), lace, bobbles, wooden numbers, thicker alphabets, tags, blue diamantes.

Firstly stick two envelopes together by making a binding for the outside fold first then the inside.
I used about an inch thick of scrapbook paper folded into half. The same for next two envelopes. Then join both together.

I cut a half envelope to make a front opening so the front would look more interesting and also hide one of the tags that could only be seen when opened. Not all envelopes need to be covered, just the inside ones and the one on the back. I just chose scrap paper from previous projects which fit nicely as a theme of sorts. It's really off if I include a paper that just didn't fit in, so spent some time on that one.
First two pages. The space on top is designed to fit in a wallet size or card size photo. I really really like the polka dot paper with glitter! The color matches perfectly. Bought from The Art Republic at Velocity. In fact all the papers are bought there.
Last 2 pages. The long lace is to tie the front pages together.Total length of lace is about 1 yard.
The accordion pages come together nicely! I wanted to use all the same words but ran out of 'o's, anyways it looks better in different font style!
From the top view. I was quite glad that the binding paper I used did not seem too maidenly...despite the florals.
Using buttons for the last page. I used random neutral buttons with yellow and blue... started off with a cluster of yellow, blue, beige, at this top end, and then repeated the cluster.
Back view that matches the front exactly. A little lace element to hide the joining line.
I really enjoyed this project, spending a few hours on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Best of all, it uses up many of my scrap papers and envelopes from my last christmas project. I hope it will be loved and used!