Thursday, December 09, 2010

scrapbooking: the 'today' album

Made a 3-page album as a birthday gift, my largest project to-date.
I had a very nice paper as the background so I did try to make it stand out with the other visual elements I wanted to incorporate (as inspired by previous pictures.) So it was quite a challenge trying hard not to cover the lovely words up!

Colors used are sea-green, cream, bronze, black, with yellow and magenta highlights.
Was unsure of this wacky combo but it doesn't look too garish... I hope.

This is the front page. I specially got the yellow foam letters (made with love, plaza sing) for this project and I really like the font and the sunny look.

It's the first time I've incorporated 'tags' into my project and I just wanted to make it simple so stamped a script stamp onto it in brown or black and overlay with a key stamp.

Close up for 1st page:

All the key, heart and lock chipboard bought at made with love, it comes with a free foil included and turns out quite nice, though I would prefer to paint them.

I like this quote... almost covered up by the yellow letters...
All the bling and pearls can be bought at those handphone accessory shops. Usually 3 for $10. And they don't fall off easily, using the original glue, I did not add additional glue. It really stays on once you paste it down.

2nd page and my favorite!
The flower paper is embellished with the flat bobbles and gloss accents, tag with letter 'a', butterfly sticker, chipboard frame which I painted over (was black, comes in other colors from the art republic, velocity) the paint using tattered angels 'glimmer glam'. The paints are pricey! So I only bought one color... it has glitter and shimmer sheen which I felt it was worth it for the additional depth. Well... I also like to use the pretty lace and overlay a row of pearls on it... seems to match. This is for hiding the cut lines between using 2 pieces of paper - wanted the 'love' words to be in the middle so the side has to have some other paper (the sea-green with cursive words is another paper entirely!)

I like this lace - old traditional craft shop at serangoon bus interchange, sells both lace and pearls and rope and a hundred different nice ribbons! It's nice to use to cover the different paper joint lines which is my pet peeve.

Decided to stick the small pearl ribbon here like a woman wearing a ribbon clip... hee... it's found at those handphone shops also. Maybe I will deck out my blackberry with all the leftover bling soon...idea! I find all the colors go together so well!

On this tag, a letter 'a', with pretty pinkish pearls all around.

Final page. I will attempt making more pages for my next project...For those who are wondering, the photos can be pasted on the other side which I've covered with yellow vintage look paper. So it can hold either 3 normal sized photos or 6 mini photos at least. As this is a simple design I pasted the flat bobbles all round for a more interesting look, lucky it doesn't look too baby-ish. Also used buttons! Random buttons! I now have quite a large collection of buttons.

Love the mini-flowers. Can't find in any scrapbook shop. My secret. Hee... I did give some to those who ask... it shall be received... haha...

The most painstaking part was to measure and cut the paper, sand the edges (using nail file black side or can buy a square sander from scrapbook shop.) Then the chipboard I painted with the same brown paint. It looks nicer than gray chipboard.

Front and back of album project.
I'm going to attempt a travel album project next. Or some sort. These chipboard from novena the art republic, it's cheap-er. But it was all sold out last week when I popped by.

Also in the midst of making a special project - envelope holder, one for me as well! I've almost completed it but not sure whether I should add some words.

Here's the 'before' look! Yes it's those beauty brand 'giveaway with purchase' and I had to buy it but it was dirt-cheap so... I bought two. Plus I like this color very much. It fits my perfume bottle perfectly...