Friday, May 23, 2008

Twenty things I am grateful for

Can you smile?
I was forwarded this 'to-do' today so am doing it.
Being sickly these months, I become more emo about the people and the relationships around me. Thus been writing about them often.

Ok here goes (randomly off the top of my head):

1. That my parents are alive
2. I am living in Singapore
3. I have access to first world medical facilities
4. Have found my dream job
5. Am in debt (But not too much debt, it works to motivate)
6. I can write, and read
7. Can travel when I want to where I like
8. I can sing reasonably well
9. I was never restricted to do a certain thing in my life, so I could choose any career or education
10. I have my friends! TAG team
11. Clean air and air conditioning
12. That my parents are in good health
13. That I am in good health (no major illnesses)
14. That God speaks to me all the time
15. Found good partners at work
16. That work allows me to meet new people all the time which I enjoy doing
17. Being able to communicate well in English
18. My job can change lives
19. That God has told me who is the best one for my life
20. At this age, I am where I wanted to be.

I guess the list will change from time to time... but here it is.
I think we all need to be thankful from time to time.

photos of the week

Well. I've been up to many things. I think I've finally found what I love doing, work-wise and life-wise that is. I'm quite pleasure centred so it's imperative that I love doing what I do, if not to me it seems like a waste of time really... then again, every job is important in some way and someone has to do them, anyway.

Having some deep thoughts lately too. Knowing, and meeting certain individuals who have attained that certain level of success at what they're good at - or getting there, I can not-so wishfully think that one day soon, I also wanna be pretty, popular and powerful like them. The 3 Ps? Heh. Then I can change the world, or change some people to do good for tonnes of others. There's so many things happening I think I need to write a newsletter of sorts. My Travel in Asia Melaka is now ready! Will be going to do some filming in a couple of weeks too.

Photos of the week!


great artwork. looks 'woody'

subversive jewellery.

The things we do in the office everyday...

I like this! It's a comb with plasticy stuff.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

mister best friend

At home today, sickly. Must be the worst ever killer flu I've had. I seem to go around infecting other people too. Probably infected hundreds of unsuspecting people at Vivocity yesterday. The good thing is that I have absolutely no appetite at all - and the coughing has made my stomach firm so I will look good at the beach in thailand two weeks later... Still, hate being sick. I've been sick almost every couple of weeks with some ailment or the other. My immune system is compromised.

Finally caught 'Made of Honor' - I've been wanting to watch it since I saw the preview a few months back. Watched it with Jelly. It's hilarious! I liked the show very much, especially when some parts mirror my life. I guess it's every girl's secret wish to have a nice, handsome best friend who is with you through every step of the way, and I'm more than blessed to have that.

ShaoHong, my MrBestFriend, I have been chattering to him since I was 14, and he, 15. And he's stayed with me throughout till I was about 22 - he's also my motivation for praying about The Best One. We've been through lots of stuff. Watched him grow up. From a skinny chap to one hunk (still abit thin) now. He's always been so cool and handsome and wise and crappy. I've always been so glad that we lived near each other, taking long walks from my place to his and his to mine... having all my boyfriends jealous of our closeness and the subsequent fights. I've never told him all these. I actually treasure this friendship more than the transient boyfriends, so if they were upset, it was only a matter of time before it ended. I hope The Best One will take kindly to my best friend... if not... heh.

For a long time I thought no one could ever replace his place in my heart... until...

Handsome and neurotic!

Captain Zero came flying back into my life again after a pause of 3 years, and insisted he was my best friend. At first, I was slightly amused, but as time goes on, found it to be true. I was hesitant to let anyone come in again, I thought I didn't really need him...

The bad things that both of us have gone through last year only serves to reinforce the strength of our ties, and I'm honestly grateful that he is there for me, and will be, hopefully, for a long time. I'm always guarded about letting people come into my life, especially after all that has happened, so I'm glad I can trust Zero and whine to him when I am sick. (He said.)

Handsome and romantic! Haha... At Vivocity also.

It's quite worthwhile to have a best friend in your life, someone who is there for you, every step of the way, and will support you even if you fall in love with the wrong guy...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

cheerleader or critic?

Looking forward to The Church's camp and my extension in BKK. Hope I can get some filming done there too!

I've been asking God, you can call it 'praying fervently' about TBO. Embarking on a love relationship to lead to marriage would be one of, if not the most important thing in life - the decision to make it, and with who, should be, too.

I've hit upon what I can say now to people who ask me to date more often or to consider Mr So-and-so (actually no one asks me that, whew.) - 'God has someone in mind for me.' Heh. Actually I believe that when we all ask God, somehow or the other, He will reveal. Not only about this but about other things as well. CJ doesn't believe in 'the best one' but he believes that there are a lot of girls (Not a lot la, Uncle CJ) for him out there that could possibly fit into his life and vice versa. Well, when I make The Decision I wanna be 100% sure. Not to choose the 55/45% one and then wonder what happens if I choose the 45/55% one. Of course, not all decisions in life are that straightforward. Sometimes you wonder if you should have worked two more years before you started your startup, then you would have saved more $, but at the same time, you would have been two years older... ... There is no such straightforward decision to make in many areas, even the decisions everyday - what to buy, what not to buy, what to eat... There is also an element of surprise and fun, just trusting God to take you along in the journey of life.

Anyways I've always respected people who dared to venture out on their own, like CJ, like The Boss - people I'd be happy to lend a supporting hand to - but I did say a little discouraging thing to CJ this week. Nothing much really, just pointing out the 'downturn' factor which will affect his biz here in sg. But downturns affect everyone! And so, instead of pointing that out, I should have been a cheerleader instead of a critic. I've seen some entrepreneurs meet with a lot of disapointments and naysayers, but they really had the vision and determination to carry through, and I'd prefer to cheer on the heroes in my life.

Having gone through some rough times myself this year, I've had lots of advice thrown at me, all were well-meant, I don't doubt that anyone had ill intentions. But some I would say were ill-advised. If I had just blindly followed all the people giving me instructions or advice, I think I would be in a worse shape than I am now. I called one of my TAG team guys yesterday, and I was heartened to receive sensible, firm advice. I know I want to succeed in my marketplace, so a TAG team is a must for me to succeed. Being an extrovert I do look for people to guide me along. And sometimes when I'm down I need to blabber to a few people too.

I watched a bit of a rerun of Oprah today, it was a mother's day segment and they were interviewing Demi Moore who said something I could identify with, 'after all these years, I've learnt that I've not learnt anything much at all and I still need to keep on learning' - words to that effect. And something resonated in me, that I felt exactly the same way, especially at this point of time.

Though the inner me is always, always so thankful to God, sometimes the outer me doesn't show it. Though I like to see myself as a cheerleader, perhaps more often than not, I am a critic. I get frustrated all too easily by CJ who keeps asking me about bottomlines and value propositions, but in hindsight I know he means the best, and this frustration, channeled effectively, can only mean that I will be a better worker and a better me.

I think we are all learning, and it's important to keep learning. Sometimes the people in our lives faze us. Sometimes life sucks - or we feel that it does for an all-too-long period of time. It's good if we face the facts - and know that what is past cannot be changed so there's no point worrying about it everyday, or what people may say, or what people will try to do to us. As what my Tag team guy said, sometimes we just need to say firmly, 'Back off. Go away' - and we need to say that to our negative thoughts too.

Because everyone likes cheerleaders.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

captain zero, and decision making

There ia actually a movie in production about Captain Zero!!!

'Surfer and one time drug smuggler, Allan Weisbecker's search for lifelong buddy Christopher, rumored to be living somewhere in Central America, so they can share their dream of the "Endless Summer" takes him through sometimes funny, sometimes harrowing adventures, that culminates in a shocking discovery about Christopher...and himself. ' - being produced now!

It's also the name of a vintage book series...
G.T. Fleming Roberts. How cool is that! Zero, you are/were famous!

Well, it's the first time someone's nickname on my blog becomes famous. I had no idea these books existed. And, Captain Zero knows the meaning of his name... or why I call him that. It's quite meaningful really, although now it takes on a new meaning with those comic-book type characters.

Why I give people in my life interesting names on this blog is because I don't want to make those stories into something people would wonder about others, but to take the story, and its lessons, at face-value. I also learn the most from the insightful and discerning people around me, so that is why I choose to write about them/us/our lives, and it's not to discredit their strength of character in any way.

Still reading the decision making book. Lots of good nuggets for thought. I shall write a book review and post it up soon. It's the global day of prayer too... For those who are interested can go to ! They will pray for country by country... it's Japan now. It's amazing, they show people from all over the world praying for their countries, in cave churches and anywhere they can gather... live feed today. I think it's amazing how the guy who founded this heard from God and established the whole thing. For me, I'm not sure I can do something big like this if God calls me to. I guess God tells him because he is somehow capable, or made capable. Then again, it's a life-changing decision whether to do it, or not.

Something interesting in the decision making book - it talks about Alice in Wonderland who was at a crossroads... and she doesn't know which road to take. The Cheshire cat asks, "Well, where are you going?" Alice doesn't know so the cat wisely answers, "Well, if you don't know where you're going, any road will do very nicely." If our lives are not repeatedly dedicated to the Lord, then ANY choice we make is as good - or as bad - as the next.

Deo Velenti - God willing.

Friday, May 09, 2008

make choice choices

Someone found my blog from Google search with the search words "I want to see God"
So stranger, whoever you are, thanks for reading and I hope you find what you are searching for.

Sometimes what we search for tells us something about ourselves. I was throwing away my old diaries I've kept since '95, and I realised that I was more extrovert and people-oriented then, than now. Or at least I kept writing about the people in my life whom I love. Am I still like that now???

I browsed through a book on decision making whilst on the throne today, and I'd like to share what was written... (in case anyone searches for "looking for the will of God for the best mate for my life" heh)


"...In my youth, advice for confronting the important decision, 'whom should I marry?' came freely in short sessions at summer camp. Today we attend expensive singles' conference complete with specialized sessions on dating and hefty notebooks. But the answer to the 'whom' question often remains: 'God chooses best for those who leave the choice with Him.' -Haddon W Robinson, 'Decision Making by the Book: How to choose wisely in an age of options.'

If your heart is willing; or at least willing to be made willing, hear.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

photos of the week

My fave doctor...

–free from guile; sincere; honest; straightforward; frank.

Was 'arguing' with Captain Zero yesterday over my usage of this word to provide a description of CJ and Kie. He thinks it means something bad, but turns out I was right. Sometimes when you know you are right, it is pointless to talk too much. Just silently believe your brain is more superior... Haha! Still, always enjoy a good conversation with Zero. He is too cute to be mad at for too long.

Also, found one of the best (in my opinion) sites that actually help us to be a little better. To communicate more effectively and we could all use a little more good communication in our daily lives. I did the quiz which is excellently worded, and the tips they gave me were useful. I guess sometimes I'm a wee bit frustrated over the way I feel inside but thinker me is unable to express those languishing feelings.

They help you to broach hard-to-discuss topics in relationships, talking to your kids about the birds and the bees, to your parents about ageing care, etc. Content like:

Talking to Your Partner
The money diet
No plan is no plan
Four wheels with attitude
If there's a will...
Cover your wheels
When she's a "yes" and he's a "no"
How much is that doggie...
I'll take one!
It's a dog
Buying a house...or two
But, that's my spouse!

One of the most useful sites I've found! =)


Was researching on eco-friendly stuff this week so lots of photos on that. Some are really cool.

Watched Ironman last week. Loved it. A must-watch.

Saving the earth's energy type of our near future?

Nice car. Honda Clarity.
It comes with a hilarious site too

Very me. Gap Singapore does not have it though.
Anyways I bought a red shirt today from M&S. They are having a small buying lots of red- and orange stuffs. Must be a reflector of my emo state.

Bought this shirt online. Haha. I try not to wear black, makes me look too lanky but I do like the design a lot a lot a lot!

Too nice packaging. Only found in New Zealand.

Bahrain WTC, the turbine fan churns out energy. I'm guessing only on windy days... but it's just so nice. I'm really into saving the environment so I like!

These bags have solar powered thingy which you can use the energy to charge your phone or ipod. Too cool.

Eco-friendly residences...recognize the place? On Beach Road... am anticipating this one...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sars Selamat

I created a comic strip... with photos mostly already on my comp. A satire on current news plus abit on the hollywood entertainment side. It's about a terrorist's bro with my fave angmoh in the starring role. LOL!

It's quite funny... Especially if you do watch House and Ironman and etc.

So please view at (cut and paste)

Currently done up to 4 pages. It's addictive!

Have a good appreciation of comic book illustrators and concept artists now.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

wedding invited, and attended.

Well, I've attended my obligatory wedding of the year. Weddings are dull for me when I don't really know the couple and am invited to so many of those that I've lost count. Though some people think of me as being on the social side, I shy away from big events like weddings, convocations, boring events... ... But I consider myself a friend of Ed's ,so was glad I went. Still, shall limit myself to one wedding a year.

It's times of meeting kids like these that you feel your biological clock ticking and also want a strong husband to carry kids, bags, gifts and pram...

I know I'd get married one day, and I have some ideas of my own. I guess the problem with such big church weddings is that part of the romantic atmosphere is gone with some feeling more like seminars than weddings -which is supposed to be a joyous occasion for most. I want to be able to talk to people who are at my wedding, to greet the relatives and to give all my friends hugs and ask them about their cute babies. A reminder to me not to invite too many people, keep it simple and meaningful.

Sometimes I am kinda impatient when God tells me 'wait', especially in this area. It's the area of my life in which I pray about the most actually, when it boils down to the most important decision that you can ever make: the decision to be with someone, forever. For me, it is different - not like the usual fairytale everyone dreams of, someone dropping from the sky and 'happily ever after' - I've been praying for my husband since I was a kid (I was gawkily tall, tallest girl in my kinder class... so I fervently prayed, 'God please make my husband taller than me') I turned out o be above-average tall, not supermodel tall, so...whew!

So you could say that I pray about this area a lot. Heh...

Sometimes, I wanna hurry God along. Sometimes I feel like telling TBO, hey, I am the mother of your future kids.(haha! that's an exaggeration)...Or, TBO, you are getting old le... LOL! Other times I fear he will like someone else, which actually he always has someone or the other in mind, I think... or he has some celibate thinking, or he will laugh in my face when er, he realises God has promised this inferior quality product for him. (Maybe he needs to be more specific in his prayers. I AM trying to be a good woman.) Ever since I have surrendered all to God, it has been a few tough months of waiting, praying, waiting, praying... I nicely asked God what can I, you know, DO for the clueless chap... and God said, ..."LISTEN." Not that my listening comprehension is bad, but the chap doesn't speak much, or he cleverly diverts the conversation to me, knowing I can yak for hours. Listening to my TBO seems the hardest thing to do. He also doesn't respond with any yaks when I command him to talk to me. Just a peaceful silence? Oh, xxx! Just kill me...

I know others have prayed and waited longer but to me it seems ages. Worst, he doesn't believe in THE BEST ONE!!! *laments*

So, I don't think he will take too kindly to a old friend (me, lah) if she tells him 'you are my TBO', expecting an acceptance ('You are my TBO too' *swoon* *kiss*) but in reality regarded with a perplexed expression from him, and more unbearable silence. Plus I have a rather big ego and do not wish to be embarassed in front of my hero, so, I will try not to say stupid, stupid things which I have already said (too embarassing to mention) but I do thank all the prophetic and kindhearted people whom I have recently met, yet they say so many nice things to encourage us/him/me; whom I will definitely invite to my wedding, if I do get married... ...

I think I'm the only lady who knows I will 'accept' (Yes, I do. God say so. Who am I to say no?) before anything even started, anyways not so many people are blessed/cursed to know about their TBO since they were young...(okay, blessed, I was joking... God? You still there?)

John Bevere (I like that man!) in 'The Fear of the Lord' (currently reading) says we should not treat God as our 'Sugar Daddy in the sky' ! Haha! But true, what God Daddy promised us, we need to treasure, and continually believe it's for the best.

I shall continue to wait in anticipation. I shall not suffocate TBO with my effusive anticipation...

Friday, May 02, 2008

photos of the week

Made this out of pipe cleaners for my partners in crime, Redhat Media.

Bought this for a friend who's getting married tomorrow (congrats Ed!)... But what's inside the box?

On location for a filming shoot.

There is a dog in my house? Dad brought home a Maltese looking dog from his workplace and it had the luxury of staying here for one night...

Bunny is not very happy about that.
She is getting to look like a furball.

Filming at an event. Melky doing the hardwork.

Gave flowers and cute bear to celebrate new arrival of Boss' son. Boss is excited.

Camera shy CJ in nice lilac shirt.

Thought it was a meaningful gift for a wedding present, since the perfume is named "RSVP" plus, it was a great buy at the Robinson's cardmember sale. Haha! I'm gonna write on the card "Smell nice for your bride"... Haha!