Sunday, July 27, 2008

keyed - a tribute

Have decided to post up a dear friend's photos here. He is very much alive and kicking by the way!

(This was during the time I was trigger happy and my Lumix was still working fine.)

Mostly not seen by anyone except me before, whoo hoo, here is Kie like you have never seen him before!!

Kie, a kindly friend who is single but has high expectations, like all my other single and approaching 30-male counterparts... (I also have high expectations. 'High'... geddit? Lol.)

Kie, 25y. The church camp. First time ever they held it in Thailand we were all raring to go! I remember the group of young adults at that time wanted to jetski, so me and Kie went to 'rackey' the price... Kie looked like Thai so they told him a low price but when they saw the big group of Singaporeans they upped it immediately. Haha. Was quite touched when he offered to go together with me on the jetski - I can't swim - but I decided to bravely face the waters myself! And...I can say that I've canoed (without a life jacket) in Malaysian open seas when I was 12 (and I can't swim!) and I've jetskied on my own, hooray!!!

Later in the same year, AHM. I went to a few runs that year to support all my friends and also to train myself should I have a husband who runs (That year I believed I would) - have to wake like 5 am on a beautiful sunday?!!...Well, this is taken after the race. Kie did not really train and was slightly sick so we were worried that he would pass out but he managed to complete it!

Kie when he was 26...woo. Church event - sports day thingy. It was the era of him always wearing soccer jerseys and bermudas plus the loveable 'no-need-gel' floppy hair which attributes to his droolsome factor!

We were in a committee meeting, this is at the now obsolete Carepoint - a branch of our church. Me and Kie used to partner quite frequently in church events - nice to work with such an easy going guy.

End of the year we had a cell christmas party which was a whooping success, about 40 people in total turned up and quite a few stayed on till this day, I had this idea of using a 'christmas round the world theme' - and had my friend's lovely Balmoral condo. We also had a fancy dress 'hat' theme - explains my witch hat and his pirate hat. (Kie has this photo in his wallet... hee)

Back in those days when I am soooo creative... here's a spoof on the very popular ipod theme when it first came out. I used Kie's very distinguishable 'silhouette' and some of the other Church people whom this campaign was targeted at. If you ask me how I did it... I think I had lots of time then, because each rendering took at least an hour, plus the photo taking. Was quite difficult to get the silhouettes looking right, a different angle and the person would look warped. But I like the challenge and I was glad the poster wowed everyone. If I had time I would do more stuff like this.

The final poster. I loved it. Spot me? About the design, I usually design stuff with very grayish and neutral undertones, prefer to use brights as highlights rather than main colors; but this was the first time I experimented with such bright hues - note the title...Yet, I think it didn't come across as childish -or a kids' event, which I was afraid of it turning out that way. Really happy with the outcome. It had a fresh appeal at that point of time with the ipod mania 2 years ago.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I caught the National Day song 2008, Chinese version by Joi Chua yesterday for the first time.

I think it's one of the best MTVs ever. I was touched by how they cast real-life issues in a positive light - there were 3 vignettes, an old newspaper seller with a vertical marathon theme, a young adult boy and girl who liked each other... but the girl is disabled; and a young primary school student who keeps drawing seemingly disturbing red colored art, but is put together at the end to show a big red star, reminding us that we are stars, that despite our common every day life problems, we can rise above it all, and find our dreams - that we are not too old to compete in vertical marathons, that being disabled does not mean that we cannot find true love, that even though we are small or insignificant we can contribute.

I was touched and I think that for once instead of encouraging us to build racial harmony, etc, they really wanted a theme that spoke to our hearts.

Today watched a DVD of last year's movie 'Bridge to Terabithia'. It's billed as a children's show but had surprisingly adultish issues - the trailer looks like it was another of those Narnia-type stories, but it's more of those heart-warming yet thought-provoking stories that cause us to take a deeper look at life and at ourselves. To me, it speaks about friendship on a deeper level - like Jesse and Leslie who share a special bond playing in their 'magical' forest and makebelieve kingdom, not just pals going to the same school... and somehow believing that everything in life will be alright as long as they have each other, for support and to realize their imaginations. Leslie's untimely death threw Jess into a quandary - he did not want to go back to his old, uninspiring life again, but he was also afraid to live, and experience life the way they shared. This story is all the more poignant as it is based on a real life story (The author's son best friend, Lisa, was killed by lightning when she was 8.)

Being overly consumed at work recently - not just me but mostly everyone around me, I feel that it sorts of kills the body-mind-and soul. Why do I need to escape to my Melaka where I can wake up with the sunrise and the birds chirping around me to experience God in a deeper sense? Why is it the harsh reality of life that we don't have time for hobbies anymore, not even able to finish reading a book or two within a month? As work-oriented as I may seem, I do wish for another life at times, a time where we are not slaves to inflation, where owning a house, even a small one, does not seem like an impossible dream. I'm not going to be one of those who have no time for love, family or kids. I'm not going to work so hard that I cannot enjoy the fruits of my labour. And yet, the toils of life are evident on us. We can't stay out too late because we need to rest for work tomorrow. We are working on weekends, and those weekends that we aren't, we can hardly get out of bed. I'm sure all these will come to pass soon. I know of some people who work longer hours than me, and earn less than me. I'm not complaining, but I just wish that this lifestyle isn't the case.

And in a world like this, sometimes it's the friendships, the rare, intense, friendships that we need to keep alive - the friendships that keep US alive... that gives us the strength to carry on, that brings a smile on our faces each time we think of the people who have helped us along life's journeys, and we can only wish to do the same for others walking along too. I've treasured my unlikely friendship with TBO for years. Sure, we don't meet often. We don't even seem to share deeply. But over time, I begin to understand how much value I put into this friendship. Why I cannot replace the photo I keep always close with me. I think I will be devastated if it comes to an end, yet, perhaps it may soon enough. Sometimes, all I want is for him to be happy, even if it means a life without him. Have written a letter yesterday, and so touched that many people are praying for us. I just hope all turns out well!

Right now am still cheerful, bravely facing what may come. It's never easy to tell someone exactly how you feel because you may lose this beautiful friendship and never have it back again.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lunch (and Dinner...and Dessert) Buddies

We are citizens of eternity -Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Can't live without you...

Bonding over food is something quite meaningful for me, most of my lunchtimes are quite meaningfully spent catching up with people in the area (of Raffles City to Tanjong Pagar), and having discussions, work-wise.

Here are some photos I took of most of my lunch buddies during april-may (Haha! Rather outdated.) In chronological order! Also meant to keep track of what unhealthy foods I eat on my lunch hours...I actually don't eat at hawker centres or food courts at all - maybe once in a month anyways - and it's always chicken rice. ($2.50 at Maxwell!)

Eileen on assignment with me, we were at Chip Bee, later eating at Crystal Jade at Holland V.

Huntley my awesome ex-colleague. Till this day we still meet frequently for lunch and activities like golf. I had some aglio olio at this place in Amara.

Ches... the last time he was in SG this year for a engineer test. We went to Breeks, I find the food there awfully decent and I do frequent that place A LOT. Always ordering the chicken patty...

Haha... so unflattering. Here's my first lunch with CJ. He brought me to a 'quiet Malay stall' very nice nasi padang and my favorite, beef rendang - and here's his previous office along Tanjong Pagar. He was in the midst of flapping his hand at me to chase my camera away - claims he's camera-shy.

White Dog Cafe - with LT and my chocolate truffle cake (which I haven't had in ages!) I remember I was sniffling sick and always fell sick at this period of time... still, the cake was enjoyable. Actually this was for tea on the same day as CJ I think...

Boss with his subway cheese steak melt and me, always going for Italian BLT! 'Tapao' to office as usual - Amara's subway is always super crowded.

A humongous burger that the guys shared... at New York New York. Hahaha... Looks like Jason wants it all!

Kie, offering it to me...

Food art - my name in ketchup by master artist Jason

I had this - I have a weakness for paninis. Surprisingly filling, Kie had to help me finish...

We had ice cream afterwards at Azabu Sabo! What a feast!

Lunching at MOS burger with colleague and her salad...

Mine - I always eat this fish burger or the teriyaki chicken or spicy dog.

Fantastic Creme Brulee at OCha with Melvin after assignment.

Makan buddies at Chompchomp. I ate 7 chicken wings that day... Haha, they were floored!

The sugarcane glasses are HUGE... but somehow we always managed to finish the drink.

I always make it a point to order the pizza - choose your own ingredients and eat it piping hot! Oooo!

Korean food at the Amara Hotel Food Court...YUMMY! The kimchi's excellent - restaurant standard I tell you!

Discussion at Kopi alley, Icon - I must say that their service is wonderful and so is the Teh-C. Here's CJ's Kopi and my Teh-C looking happy!

Yong Tau Foo at this restaurant in International Plaza, they also serve a decent chinese fried rice.

Caught up with my best friend at Carls' Junior for dinner. His work keeps him really busy so am always delighted to meet him at our favorite shopping center Vivo - also quite near to my workplace.

Next day meeting Justine for a catchup - I love donuts too! I can eat like 3 at a go... although I now sway towards the ones with less creme fillings. With the opening of new JCos now there is hardly any queue on weekdays at the one in Raffles City! Yes!

Lunch. I do like fast food unfortunately... time to induce some new eating habits. Thank God for my high metabolism...

Also been frequenting the HK Cafe at Marina simply because there are not many alternatives for a nourishing and inexpensive supper in the town area... BestFriend likes it a lot too. So, I am having my usual HK milk tea and I love the thick toast with peanut butter and condensed milk. They make a really drippy one! (The one at Anchorpoint not so drippy, eh)

Nicee indian food at Amara foodcourt. Am spoilt for choice here at Tanjong Pagar... but unfortunately, my lunch is always at other sites! Roar!
Who wants to have lunch with me please, meet me here...

Eating Yami yogurt while crossing the road to The Office. Yami yogurt at Icon is nice - The outlet there serves it up fresh and ingredients are super nice too. I always have mine with mixed nuts its a great combination with the sweetness of the yogurt.

Think I shall do this again (taking photos of almost every lunch and dinner) it's a great way to see how my eating habits have changed over time... or in different locations.


Additional! Thailand food! From the June camp...

Sipping from a coconut after hitting Cha-am. I love the feel of those beachy places...

One of my favorite desserts. This is at a restaurant near Siam Square. Apparently it's quite popular with tourists because it is jam-packed full... however, I think the Thai food here is so much ... tastier?

The durian lovers Malaysians and Singaporeans could not resist getting a taste of the Thai durian at HuaHin... but after the sampling we decided Segamat durian rules!
Please bring back some for us!

I highlighted this Thai tea in my travel show... called "cha'yan", it is similar in texture to teh tarik - very milky, sweet, aromatic type of tea. They blend it the same way too. Here I had mine at Chatuchak. The one I had in some cafe was too... thick, I think after you drink it you will have a sugar high!

I remember those days we hung out at Serene Centre's Black Canyon coffee, here we have a chance to try the nice coffee in HuaHin... all agreed it was superb! Much better than.. starbucks?

Thai beef noodles. It's surprisingly tasty and I can't get enough of it...I think I ate it almost every time we went to a food court there.

Yummy! These sure does bring back memories...I was here 3 years ago with TBO and Kie, we sampled these delicious desserts (Though Kie did not try the warm durian with thick milk sauce) Still found at the MBK foodcourt and as good as ever.

The Japanese restaurant called 'Fuji' found almost in every shopping centre in BKK - this one is Zen, I think. The salmon is really good because its fresh from the BKK rivers.

Am always happy when my hotel breakfast has warm toast (must be warm) with butter. My usual is a bowl of muesli with milk and warm toast, some croissants, with hot tea...Haha. Am boring that way.