Friday, February 24, 2012

Sunset remembered yesterday

I was having a BAD DAY yesterday. In the recent spate of bad days, I was getting used to the feeling of just wanting to hide under the covers and not talk nor eat and mindlessly scroll through twitter and fb updates. It isn't so bad really, I have been on some small adventures, done things I'd never imagined I would, became quite fit actually, despite living on pratas and coffee... and increasingly being addicted to a guy with a super smiley-face who makes me laugh to no end.

But then I remembered a sunset I saw 2 weeks ago, the sunset on my birthday. I had organized a gathering of some old classmates, something in the past I would never have thought to do. I thought it was quite meaningful, and indeed, I was happy to see some I had not seen for more than 10 years. It spawned another outing the next week for other classmates who had wanted to meet but could not make it, so I was really happy I did this. Then, I went to changi coastal walk. I had only been there once in twilight and wanted to see how it looks like in the daylight.

With the smiley-faced friend I went, and at that point of time, the sun was setting, and I was blown away at how a sunset in Singapore could be so magical. There were brown rocks all around us, with small boats and yachts slowly bobbing nearby, the pathway had lovely wooden dividers chained together, and the sun shone through the clouds, streaming through a golden glow, with streaks of gold on the water, and the silhouette of coconut trees framing the entire scene. It was so perfect, such a perfect moment. I had almost forgotten about it (Took photos, but the film's expired, so I hope it turns out well), until yesterday. It was one of my deepest wishes to see a beautiful sunset, something a bit romantic, something uplifting. And it was so perfect I could not believe it.