Monday, April 09, 2012

the value of.

I've learnt to live a little, the kind of 'lifestyle' I've always wanted, that includes:

Eating olives (makes me happy!) Else, bubble tea gives the same temporary high...but I guess olives goes a longer way. And I'm unsure if it's my imagination but it does give me better skin. Either that or the Korean type sheet mask with 'My Melody' cartoon on the packaging that does it...

Doing more artistic stuff (Went to see the Warhol exhibition, also, 'Wicked!', not really into musicals but it was a nice day out.)

Still reading non-fiction, trying to squeeze in as much reading time during lunch breaks and before going to sleep...

Having a mocha on Friday evenings (Reason being, I can't sleep well after caffeine, but I love coffee, so, sleeping late on a Friday night, I can accomplish many things too. Whee.) And it's nice to catch a friend in that cosy coffee place I love.

I've also learnt that I am quite a procastinator and I am quite led by colorful stuffs, namely, clothes. (Oh, H&M...)

I've also learnt that...
Sometimes, what I want may be what I wanted but not what I will want.

Actually, I'm trying to be not-at-all proactive and see what Life throws my way and some of the surprises are pretty good, I must say. Well, I had initiative in some sense, but still, trying to be as honest and open as I can. I do have people judging me constantly but am trying to take it all in with a smile.

Was talking about how some people are 'hard to read' and heck, I can't even read myself at times... ... so how to 'read' others... heh heh. Meanwhile I am obsessed with typifying people and categorizing people into stereotypes. I am often happily proven wrong but continue on this path stubbornly.

So here are my short-term goals:

1. Save money to travel.
(by not buying clothes. Avoid malls like the plague. And not buying 'meat' in economy rice...)In fact, making people treat me to stuff. I am actually naturally gifted in this. People give me free things all the time.

2. Learn Czech.
Been at it for months actually, but reached a very basic plateau. So now frustrating myself with spanish songs (They are lovely!) and trying to translate them without anyone to tell me if it makes sense or not. People say I have a natural tongue to pronounce european sounding languages so I should make the best of it =)... kdyz... prstu...

3. Go Travel.
I am so lucky that the only thing holding me back is the lack of money because I realised that I can quit my job anytime and find back a similar job anytime that pays me about the same. Such is IT recruitment. (I did not say it pays well.)

And why do I want to... travel more, for instance.
Well, I realised the value of an interesting life.
And people who set goals are way more interesting than those who don't.

So this is a note from present me to future me (sometime later this year.)

I hope I remember what I set out to do!