Monday, June 30, 2008


Be magnanimous in victory, gracious in defeat.

People I eat with... LOL!!!

Update: Tomorrow heralds the start of the second half of the year - Time flies!
I'm going to make it my 'buy-nothing month', and try really hard not to buy anything other than the necessary, save for my weekend trip to KL which I'd probably be too busy anyways, and stuff that run out like cleansers or...medicine. So I'd have to postpone my handphone buy to August (which I suspect there are better deals anyways and I'm still undecided about my brand and function preference) haha. I wonder how much I'd save? No movies either. There's always!!!

Being an extrovert, sometimes one can't help but focus on the external - the people around us, and the situations or the mess we're in and that somehow gets me down most of the time, even if it's for a little while.

Especially when it comes to 'dealing with difficult people' - I haven't had that for quite a while now, so it just sort of splits me (tear, or break apart) to see people misbehaving in a manner which ultimately, can set off a spiral of events or bad feelings that affects more people than, say, just me. Ie, making bad decisions, or unable to make decisions... yes, there are people who are like that. And I just realized that it's not because I'm in the picture, they'd probably do so to everyone because it's in their inherent nature, and I guess the reason why they can't seem to do better is because they, like almost everyone else, are afraid of change.

And these people throw me off balance for a while. Not only do I feel discouraged - and that's a small thing really, generally try not to let negative insensitivities distract me, but I just wish that some people would be a little more intelligent and not affect those around them, or realize their effect on the people around them and realize how easy it is, to change!

Chestnut seems to have his rants too on the same matter (Funny when different people are affected by similar things.) Case in point which he emailed me about - he's sailing:

'I realised that I have difficulty relating to people when I can't make out their emotional state, which I realised by working with my second engineer. On the whole he's an affable, jolly sort of fellow, but sometimes when I talk to him; his taciturn replies seem to imply that he's not happy with me. Then half an hour later he's all back to his normal jokes again. So whenever that happens, I realise that I get worked up cause I don't know how to react. It's almost as if his capriciousness 'messes up my system.' It's probably also cause I don't like conflict, so if it's present - or if I feel it present - I become uncomfortable and agitated.'

Similarly, I do get quite upset for a few hours by people I shouldn't even bother with... Oh well. Ches says that in these times you discover your true character, and I think that when things aren't going well for you, you begin to treasure the good times and the good people you must, but forget to thank God for placing in your life and having them around every single day.

I realise also that at times when you're too emotional you tend to make shmucky decisions. It's like the focus is gone and you're just worried about what people are thinking or what's going on and usually the decision won't turn out well. Also, when you're too unemotional, you don't have the mood to make ANY decision. Haha. I guess a good decision making comes partly from being concerned about what the people around you will think - if you're totally unaffected it might not be such a good thing - but not too much, too much concern will paralyze you I think. And also, just deciding sometimes is better than letting other people decide for you, or just letting it hang in the balance. People will respect you if you make a decision, even if it turns out not to be optimal, rather than not making one at all. Because if you feel for something, if you stand for something, if you believe in something so badly that nothing's going to stop you, do something about it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

photos of the week

As usual, photos... some visual distractions this week. HA!
Not for the faint-hearted...

This guy is really sweet! ooo.

Sweet and hot.

By the way I did not take any of these photos...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

all guys are afraid of flying cockroaches

Over at The Office...
Boss to me: Did you notice that now the office has a nice smell? I vaccumed it on Saturday.

Me: *sniff* Mmm. Good work, Maria!

Boss: Thank you!

Me and my colleague hid the fake cockroach I bought from Thailand, under my boss' lappy... Hahaha.

He told us he jumped and he didn't even dare to touch it because it looked so real.

We got him to admit he was afraid of flying cockroaches. =) He wrote us a note (Because we were not there to witness the incident) "This is War." LOL.

Today, he put it on one of the drink cans of our angmoh visitor.
The visitor jumped out of his seat!

Later he told us he saw one fall out of his shower head 3 days ago and his wife thought he had passed out in the toilet because he was pounding the door and all.

The things we do.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


starting to think again...

My cerebral matter is calibrated to optimal...functioning. Woowee. I've started to speak proper English and think in obscure words again!

Just had a deep thought today about God.
I wonder if, it was true that God placed everyone in our lives for a reason, all the idiots, the irritating people... HA.

Imagine, your acquaintance of 4 years back is your best friend now. Or your biz network chap you meet up once in a while for tea to try to sell something to, eventually introduces you to your boss. Is it really true that everyone, every single person is placed into our lives for a reason... and that reason is perhaps 'for God to know and for you to find out.'

While thinking about that I wanted to re-emphasize to my just-out of hibernation cerebral matter that I had a few values, hopefully, namely

- to treat all persons with respect, even though some may seem stupid and irritating,(okay, I am actually EASILY irritated, tsk tsk) but respect them, and I believe I can learn something from them.
-not do something for my own self-satisfying purposes that would intentionally harm or hurt another person.

Hopefully my brain is more powerful than, errr, my body... ...

I also realised, with a jolt, that sometime ago the goodly (yes this word does exist go check it out at goodly, goodlier, goodliest...!) side of me wrote that one of the things I wanted to accomplish was to "help (a friend, someone!) to startup biz" and unknowingly am doing so in a way that I hope will at least generate some good publicity for him. Doing what I do best. It came as a jolt to me because at times I am carried away with the daily grind that I forget, my once lofty aspirations, of helping people get closer to God and earn a lot of money... (There are some.) Haha, weird as it is, I'm starting to realise that's a calling of sorts. Wait a few years and their 'returns' will be more than six figures and their spiritual returns perhaps even more! I'm glad to be of help. Can someone help me too? Lol!

So that is what I'm glad for today. Some days may be bad days but we all have our goodly aspirations to fall back on. Smile! It makes you look sexy.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Glory of Your Grace - Pastor Peter Loy

cool song at The Church.

Your grace still amazing
Like a beacon of light it shines my way
Lead me from glory to glory
Sufficient for all I need

Your grace extraordinary
Draws me to the depths of Your love
You will never let me go
This one truth I know
It’s by Your grace I live

I surrender my all
To the power of Your grace
Touch me, empower me
That I may live for You

Lord I give You my heart
Come renew first love
I choose to live, all my days
In the glory of Your grace

Sunday, June 22, 2008


What is the opposite of 'indefatigable'?

Was telling Kie I feel weirded out lately - maybe it's the hectic-ness of life that has got me feeling 'robotic' - I don't feel stressed, I don't feel anything. It's like the calm before the storm!!! The way you feel you have misplaced something, or the feeling you get when you forgot to bring your handphone out... slightly weird.

And one of the other signs that I am weirded out is that ... I haven't been buying stuff. Which I did intend to, at the GSS. GSS leh! Like discounted clothes or a new MP3player - I NEED one, mine is a Creative dinosaur of 4plus years back... Lasttime, 40+ songs is a lot, okay... ... No, I haven't bought anything except some skincare necessities! And I somemore invested in some fund...-_- after bumping into my HK fund manager the DAY after I came back from BKK which is the week he came back from some country also!?!!!....Anyways the fund ...comes with an MP3 player anyway, how ironic... so I am 'blessed' with one, though it is not the one I am desiring for (someone get me an itouch) heh. If this continues on, mmm, I don't know what's the outcome, maybe I will have to keep in touch with the news more often so that I can... invest more? Sigh! But was quite glad to meet him actually.

It's strange how several months back we (think) we care about some things... yet now realise that they are (were) insignificant, after all. Or you think some people are on the same wavelength as you, but suddenly realize how different they are.

And when you're in good company, even bad food tastes good. (Unfortunately the reverse is also true!) I didn't like Shokudo the first time I was there. The 2nd time it got better. The 3rd time last week, everything me and my lunch buddy ordered tasted like it came straight from Heaven... hee. Good company, good conversation and good food. Something to look forward to as I'd be having many sessions of it this week.

And the Shokudos' lunch-buddy aka TBO has a new haircut! Actually I should say old haircut cuz his new (old) look is reminiscent of the way he looked, in my memory, 5 years ago. How time flies! It was so funny, because that awful look was the way I remembered him when we were acquaintances all that long ago. The square top - short, crew look to be exact. Sigh! And... I was just thinking about him looking like that, because while we were at the doctors' last week, he whipped out some identity card and he had that prisoner look in the ID and it jolted me back into the recent past. Heh. And I was just telling myself that I couldn't imagine him looking like that with the squarish-each-strand of hair standing up in a 1 cm by width of his head black grass patch style... and voila! He turns up in that look! -_-

All I can say is I'm glad I prohibited him to wear track pants to church...
It's hard to match clothes with the square patch look... Maybe with a hawaiian shirt... nooo, I didn't really mean that.

TBO's going to be real busy this semester which makes me sort of sad.
Me, too. Busy that is. Not sad. Being weirded out lately also means I don't have much feelings. Robotic.

It's awfully tiring to be out almost every weeknight... correction, EVERY weeknight. (My 'out' means coming home around midnight or past that which I did 3 days last week.)
I'm so tired! And to be honest I'm not all that social. Sometimes I want to escape to Melaka and stay in bed reading books.

I had 3 clashing events last thursday night, I just chose the most fun one to go to... One was a shop opening, one was a media related event at Loof which so far I had never went to because I was always otherwise occupied...and one was a gathering of friends from the extension trip. I keep putting off meeting with people... and sundays I have to sleep in for hours which frustrates me, being the industrious chore-driven individual that I am. Haha... on a side, last sunday I slept and missed lunch, and dinner... And having no time to eat breakfast the next morning I actually almost fainted in the train - hypoglycaemia, low blood sugars... I always prefer sleeping to eating, anyways. Even eating is tiring at times!

Already missing the TBO presence. I need a weekly sighting of the square patch.

Friday, June 20, 2008

photos of the week

I've been watching lots of movies!
'The Hulk' - fantastic show! Mainly cuz of Edward Norton
'Narnia: Prince Caspian' - meaningful, touching...spoke a lot to me about issues.
'Don't mess with the Zohan' - side splitting hilariously stupid and funny...with jokes every minute... just so stupid...

Photos that are interesting, this week...

My car, invisible one... designed for an interactive presentation

Nice rendering for a shopping centre. V cool. train

This design and shade of pink is niceee!

From Dun's cam... funny.

desktop experience... with my travel show

Stock images for 3 concepts I'm working on. Based on personal experiences, sometimes writing and conceptualizing these ideas can be pretty intense for me.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Haha... really like this photo. Don't really know why though. Perhaps it shows a different side of me.

I've not been thinking about anything for quite some time, I think my brain just died after the week in Thailand - I didn't feel that it was real relaxing though, perhaps all cities have the same busy feeling like that. I'm homesick for Melaka... had a sudden thought about it, while standing in a particularly slow queue yesterday. Somehow it's like the way we think about a long-lost friend or lover and wonder where are they now? I get that sort of nostalgic feelings sometimes.

Last week I spent a day with GoodDaddy just catching up after the week away. He said something that I guess is not meant to be touching but I was rather touched! Hee... we were talking about our signup for a mission trip we planned on going this year. Last year, we went to Bali (cool place!) and he said he had awaited (to go on a mission trip that is) for 7 years! I nearly fell out of my chair at Shokudo's. Imagine, a guy says to you that he wanted to go on a trip with you for 7 years... hahaha... not in that context of course. I was feeling pretty high as his esteemed choice of mission trip partner. Lol. Then he said to me, let's go for the mission trip once every year... At this point of time, my uber-imaginative mind wanted to grasp his hands, look into his eyes and say, YES!! Let's go, every year, for the next 10 years, till we are old and gray... ...

Him being him, I don't think there is a romantic element to that. But still it is rather sweet for him to say those words, right?

I wish I could see him more often, really. But he seems to be busy and busier with ministry and workload's going to increase next quarter. So... ...sigh. I will leave it to God which is the best possible option for me right now. I wish I could tell him the stuff God spoke to me about but it will have to wait for now.

Actually when you are away from your current location for some period of time, after you come back, you tend to remember the friends and people you meet and love, with a greater clarity. It seems that these friendships seem to be fragile and we have to treasure it more. I'm glad I can spend time with Kie, Huntley, catch up with Creampuff, CJ and the rest of the guys... ... even met up with Fang sister, Roach and Zero last week. It's nice to catch up with friends despite the busy everyday life here.

Friday, June 13, 2008

photos of the week

Here are some artistic photos I've edited and liked. More later...
Shot on location in Cha'am, Thailand.
Hope you like 'em too!


My collg did this for fun!

My 'fave' credit card (Is actually my boss'.) Promotion for my travel channel, coming soon...

I'm back from BKK. Filming overseas is exhausting to say the least. There are a hundred things that could go wrong. But the footage is good and will be in production next week.

I'm still tired...slept for 10 hours last night and could go on for more, but I had a great time there, and lovely photos.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Okay. I've packed and ready to go to Cha-am and Bangkok for the week and beyond. It's been a hectic, crazy tiring week. Looking forward to getting a nice suntan and the wardrobe of items I can buy there.

I signed up for The Church's mission trip with TBO. Am goin to somewhere nearby - location's not confirmed, end-year. Last, went to Bali and it was a nice place that we hopefully should visit soon. I'm not into exploring new places, I'd rather revisit nice places that I wanna go again. I was just thinking to myself today, after this trip, where in Asia would I want to head to? I want to go to Victoria, Melbourne, Australia badly - lived there for months when I was young and never went back... but in Asia I guess I want to revisit Sarawak again. And go to Penang. As adventourous as I may seem to actually enjoy travelling alone to these places, they remain my homeground, the places and sights I am familiar with.

I remember the first time I went Sarawak I travelled like a Malaysian, took the flight from Johor Airport instead of Changi to save quite a few bucks! But the airport was also quite scary for a Singaporean... ... gonna take gazillion photos and lose myself in Chatuchak market so stay tuned till I'm back!