Thursday, February 15, 2007

Melaka notebook

Just returned from a short backpacking trip to Melaka. Solo trip.
Here are the photos first.

Each time I go to Malaysia, I try to visit "Secret Recipe"...Mouthwatering cakes!

And their black pepper lamb pie!

On the first day in Melaka, stumbled across this lovely place along Jalan Hang Jebat that plays nice bossa nova. Had their signature cocktail with honeydew and midori mix, tasted very nice.

A view of the interior of the cafe - Geographer's Cafe.

And from the outside...

Christ Church, one of Melaka's most famous landmarks. Everyday there are tourists taking photos in front of it. Dutch Architecture.

Up St Paul's Hill, a view of the saint Francis Xavier's statue and the old church.

Went to seek some respite from the heat and found Barry, a curator of the Museum of Maritime Archaelogy. We chatted for an hour or two. He said I was lucky, as he showed me a rare find - this coin! Made of gold, from ancient Aceh. Worth about $1000, wow.

Also in the Museum, met a guy who was a tour guide in New Caledonia. He owns a b&b, was drawing me the directions to his country. So maybe I will go to New Caledonia later this year, together with Vanuatu and Australia. =)

Chicken Rice Ball! A definite must-try. The taste is really special.

In the evening, some traffic near the guesthouse where I stayed. Took it while walking back. Did not realise my camera was on 'firework' mode, so the carlight was taken by 'mistake', a nice mistake though.

Took this in the early morning. The guesthouse has two cats, this is Gina with the backdrop of tour and backpacker resources on the noticeboard.

Another drink! Morning tea at the market near the guesthouse (Eastern Heritage, Jln Bukit China)

The market, quite busy in the mornings.

A quaint little postbox.

Famous pineapple tarts being baked at Mrs Goh's. I brought home a large can for Mum.

View of the river. The old ship reflected is a Ship Museum. Melaka is Museum country..they have 20 museums. I only managed to visit 3 (I find Museums slightly boring)

My namesake from hundreds of years ago. At the Dutch cemetery, probably Brit or Dutch descent. I saw some of the names and ages, a lot of the people died in their 20s, 30s and also, many kids and babies. I guess at that time, medicine could not heal people, like now.

This is Kent E from Sweden. Enjoyed the time we spent for a couple of days.

Ah Qiang, a local Chinese Melakan. Long story of how we met. I seem to have met many people, angels, in Melaka. He only speaks Chinese so I had some difficulty chatting to him. But we managed.

Bukit China where all the chinese cemeteries were. Found this - I think it is a Dandelion? Beautiful!!!

Sunset, Bukit China at the top. Looks much better than this photo. I wish I could see sunsets everyday. Especially with a loved one, I find it romantic. (Another one is to see the stars at night!)

The last morning I was there, cab in the background took me to Central for the bus home. Kent E traveled from Bangkok through Malaysia to Singapore on this bicycle.

Love the place, love the people.