Wednesday, January 26, 2011

poem: wordless symmetry

Sometimes I write poems, too.

My heart smiles, always, at you
Like a robot, you are, now, and before
In that metal robot heart of yours does it,
Can it love, I wonder
I wonder if it beats faster at the sound of my voice,
At the wordless symmetry we share when we see each other

Almost in a parallel universe we drift though meeting in short, but always sweet moments
I was hiding from the cruel realities of life when you gingerly picked me off the floor
Maybe you, here, me, us, is just a distant dream

But while I still can, I'll close my eyes and imagine
That the distance between our parallel universe can be bridged by more than feelings,
More than thoughts or words,
And I will smile, at you, always, in my heart.

And here's one I wrote a long time ago. Seems quite funny to read it aloud now!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The serenity in borderland sends Sara into reverie-
Of newfound love beyond the bend, the wondrous roaming upon faraway lands
Transfixed, both were, by the intensity of a glance:
For a moment then, and hence thereafter
Love struck them, both him, and her.
Fresh, rosy apples plucked in Summer's breeze
With grassy smells and bushy trees
In spirit lulled with invisible joy
They traipsed, they leapt
Thro' the blissful glen
Of woody green
Sara loved so deep, and so true-
But she loved another, too.
One not as fun, nor as fair:
This marked the beginning of her despair.
Her beauteous eyes spied in dismay
Dark clouds that marred her happy days
In merry vale her love held true,
In borderland- she wished she knew.
Despite her joy and smiles untold
She wished one moment just to behold
The other's arms woven beneath her thighs,
The warmth and sparkle in the other's eyes
Knew then, as now, she had to choose
Sara wished - And so the tale goes;
She found herself without him or the other
Just happy by herself, over the border
From the faraway vale to the borderland
Her story was told, to those in love
Choose wisely now, lest you regret
A life of love, it may be sad
Happy dreams lie in reverie
Perhaps for you, more so for me.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fringe - Alternate Reality

wordless symmetry in a parallel universe

I first heard the concept of a 'parallel universe' explained coherently in an episode of FRINGE. It did make sense to me, there is something else out there which we cannot explain. Of course it can be explained in christian terms - the spiritual and supernatural. But in some rare, rare occurrences, (both in christian spirituality and elsewhere), there is the meeting of the two. It could be just a preacher with such a powerful faith speaking some words of truth, which makes your knees go weak and your spirit just so sensitive to what God is speaking to you, and He does. How? You just can't explain it. What about? You can't explain it too, as words doesn't explain the full context... but subconsciously, YOU KNOW.

Suffice to say that God spoke to me about several things in the span of mere minutes, some of that, I will share with a select few and some of it I will keep it buried in my heart. I remember miracles from time past, the way I am aching for one now. I was reminded of certain things that gnawed deep within my soul. The faith or the X-factor that became the launching platform to this parallel universe was not lost to many, as so many around were also touched, weeping, shaking, confessing. The supernatural power floored me, I could barely stand up at one point.

Such happenings, where parallel universes join, is truly a unique one. Based on the decisions you make, the memories around you gets to be shaped. But the thing is, WHAT IF. What if... we had never made such could argue that the future could be changed. But can it? One popular exposition of the theory is if we could go back in time and ensure Hitler wasn't born, thus not killing Jews, no World War, etc. But, as the story goes, when they traveled back into time there was another guy who rose up... and the same thing happened, albeit in a different sense. We all know that we can't do time travel. But we sure can make a lot of interesting decisions to shape our future. The more interesting thing perhaps is how and why.

If our friend here likes someone so badly, there's so many options, so many voices of reason, all of them which may or may not get him the girl and the love of a lifetime. Our friend may decide to talk to her for hours on the phone. But for girls like me, that's a turn-off. Maybe we can get bored easily without any visual stimulation. Our friend may decide to push her into making a decision. Surprise her! Girls like surprises, right? Well, it depends. There is a small but significant difference in sending flowers on Valentine's to her office and HAND-delivering flowers on Valentine's to her office. Once again, if you have decided to send her flowers, one which is too big will probably scare her off and too small, you will come across as a cheapo... and all this will fail, of course, if she is allergic to flowers!!!

I'm just saying, our friend should put more thought into the actions and the sub-actions he gallantly wants to show.

I'm just saying that sometimes, I too, do not know how to act when I like someone. All these thoughts also flood my mind. 'WHAT IF... ' What if...such decisions are not left up to me, and the future remains status quo. All I know for sure is that I'll be pretty miserable, inside. Well, I've always taken these good pieces of advice - 1. Let God and 2. Follow Your Heart. I hope our friend, and he, and me, and us, all don't care about what the rest of the nosy parkers have to say, and just do 1. and 2.

Watch the short youtube for explanation on parallel universes. For those with average IQ, don't even bother, you won't grasp it anyway. Just go and live out your simple, (self-absorbed) lives while the rest of us expand our brain matter with such timely, life-changing decisions.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

it's such a hoot

I find photos of owls in mid-flight quite hilarious, don't you?
Met a guy who made me laugh inside, quite like the way this photo makes me feel.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

maybe falling in love is all in the nose

Me and my girl-friends are having interesting conversations lately, sparked by the romantic interest of Mr Nice-Guy. I'm humbly surprised to know that they have drawn the same conclusions as me for certain 'moves' guys make or certain responses from the ladies. It's always fun to have a tete-a-tete about romance.

I think most ladies here are turned off by the same things: not godly (Oh God please send me a man of God being a commonly heard lament), being stingy, smelling bad, shorter than them, boring woodblock, lack of dress sense (By that I mean wearing faded home-clothes or pjs out in public, and not the usual garb of slipper+berm+polo), being too aggressive, or else lacking initiative, or too geeky, pushy and desperate vibes. Yes, vibes play a part of the intangible non-allure.

Also, some responses vary from the chap, if the chap hails from sg, malaysia, indonesia or further. In fact, malaysians (in general) seem to be more fun-loving (adventourous), but we cannot negate the effect of a humid singaporean airconless day on a fair maiden's visage, thus, though the option of dinner-and-a-movie-on-friday-evening seems trite, that is one of the more appealing options here... (plus there is little else we can do in that tight time frame, aye?) It seems that often our regional counterparts also love to foot the bill, a captivating trend that local chaps should indeed follow.

Anyway, one of my girlfriend and I have come to the conclusion that in the end.... it all depends on... the way he smells, to you. We admitted that certain guys should not take it so hard that they're in the 'friend-zone', just because, we cannot really envision ourselves spending 50 years with that kind of scent. "We must like the way he smells!", we proclaimed in unison.

So sniff him hard. (Or let her sniff you.)

As to the other question, 'how to make love stay?', I too, have no answers. We are all making our way there in due course, and some of us are ahead in that course of life.

Some interesting reads on the topic: 'Escaping the Friend Zone'

'Choosing a long-term mate? Give them a good sniff!'

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

recent buys

recent buys
recent buys by spiritedly featuring grey tops

quite an accurate depiction of the nice things I have in my wardrobe but always fail to wear them. well starting from this week, they will be brought 'out of the closet'!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

unsolicited advice from a well-meaning alien

Some of us have been silently rooting for a friend who has been a friend to all, a nice-guy, someone who is always positive. It seems that he is in love.

And many of us want to help him 'succeed' in the relationship arena; just that many of us refrained from giving out well-meaning, unsolicited advice. In fact, all of us should ask for no-holds-barred opinion from an honest and caring 3rd party perspective, from time to time, all in the name of personal development. I promise to be brutally honest with you, as you are with me.

Especially so, when you like someone from Venus and you are from a distant, distant galaxy, you should ask Venutians' opinion rather that your same-pattern-alien friends. You may be resistant to such a path of thought but to be learning about the fairer sex bodes you well especially if you are hoping for a positive outcome, with less resistance to your unfathomable charms.

I have my doubts as always about his lady love, (due to the past track record), but was encouraged to see many dudes giving him the silent thumbs-up.

Well, no matter what others say, I think I just want him to follow his heart and see him crazy in love with someone for once.

And if I were to give more unsolicited advice, this is what I would say.

'When you see him, you can't stop smiling.
Your heart gives a leap of joy, and you know that in his eyes, you are the most beautiful, wonderful woman in the world.

There is that magic, a mutual understanding, shared thoughts, giggly feelings.
You'd know that he'd protect you from every harm.
You'd know that divorce is not a considerable option.
You'd know that despite what people say and think about you, he'll still foolishly and relentlessly support you.'

And that, my friend, is what a woman wants in a relationship. For more thoughts, don't hesitate to dial our numbers and jiojio us for tea (Your treat, of course...)

Best wishes from all of us!

Friday, January 07, 2011

the one, the one

Just thought this photo gives a cheery feel to a rainy Friday!

Am happy for a dear friend who have found love; a friend who has supported me through the recently trying times with both words of comfort and truth-talk time.

Through my weepy meanderings, little did I know that she was also suffering through the insensitivities' of others who have maligned her virtuous character. All I can say is that she has withstood more than half a year of mud-slinging and schadenfreude with magnamity. I can only hope that I show such kindness to people who otherwise don't treasure the value of a platonic friendship.

Hearing such news, I too wonder when my 'Eric' will appear. (His name is Eric right?) Heehee.
The next relationship will be my last, God-willing.

Monday, January 03, 2011

scrapbooking: DIY accordion album by envelopes

This is a little photo-album made from brown paper envelopes. It's my original creation though I'm sure there will be others out there!

I've always loved accordion folded albums and I decided to make this mini-one for a friend's birthday. Was quite hesitant to make things for guys as it's so limited to the stuff and color range you can use, but I must say I'm pretty, pleased with the outcome. Overall a simple project which took me 3 hours only, to make from scratch!

Color theme: Eggshell blue, newsprint, cream and highlights of yellow, copper. Quite into yellow these days!!!

Materials: 4 and a half small brown envelopes (the smallest size), lace, bobbles, wooden numbers, thicker alphabets, tags, blue diamantes.

Firstly stick two envelopes together by making a binding for the outside fold first then the inside.
I used about an inch thick of scrapbook paper folded into half. The same for next two envelopes. Then join both together.

I cut a half envelope to make a front opening so the front would look more interesting and also hide one of the tags that could only be seen when opened. Not all envelopes need to be covered, just the inside ones and the one on the back. I just chose scrap paper from previous projects which fit nicely as a theme of sorts. It's really off if I include a paper that just didn't fit in, so spent some time on that one.
First two pages. The space on top is designed to fit in a wallet size or card size photo. I really really like the polka dot paper with glitter! The color matches perfectly. Bought from The Art Republic at Velocity. In fact all the papers are bought there.
Last 2 pages. The long lace is to tie the front pages together.Total length of lace is about 1 yard.
The accordion pages come together nicely! I wanted to use all the same words but ran out of 'o's, anyways it looks better in different font style!
From the top view. I was quite glad that the binding paper I used did not seem too maidenly...despite the florals.
Using buttons for the last page. I used random neutral buttons with yellow and blue... started off with a cluster of yellow, blue, beige, at this top end, and then repeated the cluster.
Back view that matches the front exactly. A little lace element to hide the joining line.
I really enjoyed this project, spending a few hours on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Best of all, it uses up many of my scrap papers and envelopes from my last christmas project. I hope it will be loved and used!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Of thoughts hitting us from out of the blue

I find it really strange, sometimes, how the mind works.

All the time we have been filling our mind with the most mundane of thoughts.
Mine usually goes: 'What should I wear tomorrow, which bag should I carry, don't forget to buy contact lens, should I buy iced or hot coffee, alamak the next train is 6 minutes later, etc'... but sometimes your mind just gets stuck on one thing like a broken record or a song you fancy so much you can listen to it 20 times on auto replay and not get tired of it.

Sometimes the things that go through my mind never fails to amaze me. It's the revelation of how, suddenly, a little vignette of a past scenario that wants to go on replay in my mind. Or otherwise, a recent occurrence that cause you to stop in your tracks and start the thinking process.

I've recently taken on an 'isolationist policy' after some tiring and personally emotionally draining events. I don't want to look old, so I made sure I had adequate rest, beauty treatments, time-consuming hobbies like scrapbooking, and the like. But yesterday I ventured forth and was last seen alone, rereading a spiritual book which is part of a reading plan I aim to complete these months, hoping that no one would chance upon me for that sacred half hour.

Alas, an acquaintance wanted to sit near me and chat.

I was polite but I admit I did not really want to...share, so I turned many could-be sharing questions into jokes with an air of nonchalance. He along with 2 ladies came to sit around me, and asked me about my resolutions, sincerely. I tried to turn the conversation into something light by replying that I had 'plans' to go to post xmas sales... and indeed, the ladies launched into the topic with heart. But I felt bad as in the past I had always tremendously enjoyed chats with him. You could say that we were on the same page. So I sincerely asked him back about his resolution as I could tell he really wanted to share, with me. And he did, and we both exchanged smiles and kind words about our jobs and lives. As I left, I just felt touched by...the essence of a human spirit, a kindred spirit. He couldn't possibly have known about all the things that had happened, by all means we were just acquaintances. Yet just by a simple sharing my heart smiled at how a kind and sincere smile could make this day a special one.

How do I tell you or anyone about this little thing I treasure between friends and lovers, the way we can both connect over observing and coming to the same conclusions about the people in our lives, the way we can talk or write to each other about that, the innate curiosity we have towards certain things of interest, that enables our friendship to last through the years and pick up where we left it, the way other friendships can't? What is that little thing? A clique, a connection of the soul? I guess the simplest way of saying it would be that we're both on the same page.

Then I realize I value this little, insignificant thing so so much. And I hope I make wise enough decisions not to ruin any treasured friendships I already have.