Thursday, November 25, 2010

scrapbook project - baby and birthday!

So last week, was doing up a couple of scrapbook projects. This was my initial plan but I felt it was too cramped so I added another board to space out the 3 photos!

This is the other board that was added. The paper already had the lovely flower print and polka dots, just added the lace and gloss on the dots.

I don't like to show the joining part so I covered it with 2 tags. Thought a flower was nice to be pasted on the envelope with baby's name! The tag and very nice christmas puffy sticker is found in my all time favorite stationery shop 'a'n b c' at Raffles City basement. I seem to be going there lots! And awesome gold nail polish at I've been into their products recently and some of them are better than the other similar brands I've tried. Worth to go in to etude to have a look anyway since their products are so affordable!

So here's the blank boards. I love this 'pebble' stickers... very hard to find nice ones. This one from art republic at novena square. Papermarket doesn't have such nice 'pebbles'!

Close-up shot of the middle part! Notice the pebble! And the very cute kitty sticker... she is wearing a scarf!

Close up of both panels... I love this pastel pinks and vintage look very much... almost can't bear to give away...haha!

The final product! Hee....hope nothing will fall off unexpectedly...and the recipient will be happy to see it!
Next up is a super belated birthday project for a trusted friend. It was tough finding a photo of him, thankfully had snapped one earlier this year when we were at a museum exhibition. I always feel happy and content in my heart to do such craft works, although I was never very interested to do scrapbooking before (maybe because it's square!) and now of course there are so much more materials and shops to choose from, I really enjoy browsing the well-designed papers and little materials.

My concept for the project was to use some old postcards of buildings in Singapore which I had previously - recycle! We're both a fan of buildings. It's also a project for a guy, so I can't use those frilly ribbons, lace, glitter... stuck with a monochrome vintage theme and on the same base chipboard placed vertically. This is about 90% complete.

Closeup. I buy the 'rope', lace in previous project and other ribbons all from those traditional craft shop in Serangoon Central, the kind that teach how to make CNY lanterns out of red packets and teach how to knit, etc. I find their per meter cost of such materials so much cheaper. The lace is around $1+/ yard, to me it's cheap!

Here is the closeup of the finished project! Some words and dots from a scrapbook paper added to fill in the blank spaces.

I hope that he likes it!

Next project: I've finally decided to make Christmas cards and I have an idea for it. Made some samples yesterday and they looked swell! As budget is limited, shall use all the years past of scrap material I have at home! That way I won't kill the environment either. I love receiving Christmas cards (and birthday cards too) so I hope that many people will send me nice ones this year!