Sunday, November 07, 2010

first scrapbook project

Oh, I finally gave in to the scrapbooking bug!
After resisting the urges to walk into those scrapbook shops, I finally decided to start on some small projects what with the 'long' weekend and as usual, wanting to stay far from the madding crowd. Most of the stuff I bought from papermarket, ribbons from prints, I had the glossy accents previously. The mini photos are printed in shalom colorlab at brasbasah. Have to wait for a day but I'd say it's much much better than instant-print. If you want the photos to have gorgeous color!

I got the idea to do 'flags' or 'buntings' from greenweddingshoes, here are some buntings on wedding cakes and it's a nice celebratory feel and really easy to make, just cut out triangles and paste it on a ribbon. I made different ones...

So here are the 'triangles'. I'm not a sucker for measuring everything so all of them are different sized and I love the vintage paper. Using copper colored alphabets. And the cardstock is already having the paper pasted on it...comes in pack of 2. Used one for bestie project, our photos of melbourne last year... and another to remember me-and-Alex-moments.

Oh, not forgetting...glitter! I think glitter is such a lovely thing to use! Reminds me of school days where we get glitter everywhere. I'm quite stingy to buy the expensive branded glitter so I just used this tub of gold one I bought for mom's usage. I also like the flowers and had to literally restraint self control and only chose one pack to buy!

Doing the layout... I realized that putting two photos is a challenge. One is just nice actually. But of course it was two of us. I printed many spare photos also (Photo Uncle likes me, he charge me half price so I can print many many!) And I also realized that both the 'people' in the photo must be of same size. Somehow it just looks weird if one person is 'smaller' than the other.
The 'flags' with the glitter and the words, they will look '3d' which is a look I like, if folded on top and later a thick ribbon is added below.

The thickness will add extra dimension and then they will fold upwards and curved out by itself.
Next, a background for the word 'road'. No space to make 'flags' this time, but I did use 'flags' for both words on the following project.

I used a brown paper, crumpled it, pasted a tag on it and the silk ribbon over, once again creates a 3d effect...

Here is the layout, almost complete. I changed the flowers and added some vintage flowers at the side to look more interesting. And the photos looked better when the one with me is below instead. The flowers at the side (yellow and pink) as mentioned, are just normal scrapbook square paper. I put the 'glossy accents' on the petals, looks like glue and has shiny effect.

Closeups of top and bottom half. Butterfly donated by sister. Black diamantes is from those handphone sticker, words on top is a decal, also donated. Haha! She has an enviable trove of scrapbook materials. There's basically no space left ANYWHERE. My style la.

How it looks like under daylight and flourescent light. Strangely yellowish although my light is white.
Another project idea... using decals and two flag-lines.