Monday, February 26, 2007


Poem, copyright mine.
Promised myself to pick up on my poetry again. So I wrote two today, here's the better one.

Give me innocence
Show me frailty
All I can see in the eyes of a child
I am spinning, my heart aching
To hear you say what you meant
But, perhaps...
You never really wanted to see me
All you wanted was a little piece of heaven in a floating paper boat
A kiss means, many things
Yours meant love - or at least, I thought it was.

Take to open skies
With outstretched arms
Believe I can fly, believe anything you want
For a moment, just breathing
Smell love smell air and fresh green grass
Now any ways...
I am walking on a lonely pavement
But, perhaps
I can imagine it is not so cold anymore.

Show me innocence
Show me anything
I don't know what I want
I only know what I don't...

Moon & mountain

Saturday night, after dinner, before sending Jon C off at the airport. Saw a beautiful half-moon almost perched on a concrete mountain. The photo does not do it justice for the sight is really exquisite.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I like U.

Someone nice said to me,
"I like the way you are...Stay that way."

I like you.

Just go ahead and like him or her, la.
I don't know why when people like someone they first have to 'justify' their feelings FIRST before... eh, continuing to LIKE the person?
I cannot like him because of his age...He is too old/young...I don't like younger guys... Or because he has liked my best friend before... Or because he is Malaysian/Indonesian/whatever, ...He is too nerdy for me. Too holy. Too mature. Too immature.
Blah blah. And then, just because the feelings aren't justified, we go out into the world wide forest searching for someone else, to fit the bill?

I guess liking someone can't be defined in that way. If the person fits every little thing you have been looking for... except one - say the two words 'unequally yoked' and most would shudder. But what if you really liked him. For those who have never ever liked a non-christian before, I guess it's just easy to condemn the relationship and 'try to talk some sense' into the person. But for those who have ever liked someone from the 'dark side', you know how difficult it is to overcome it. Same goes for liking someone of a different race, or just somewhat different from you.

Sure, same-same attracts. In a Reader's Digest article this is the point that they keep bringing up. You are more likely to fall for someone in your work place - yes, office romances work out most of the time - or someone you meet pretty often in a social setting ie The Church. Then it's easier. You don't have to worry about say, changing church. Or worry about how your kids will look like? Will the kid have Dad's dark skin and Mom's small eyes? Heh. Usually we like same-same, just because it's easier. After all this is an 'instant-noodle' era. Just pour hot water. We don't want to worry about differing beliefs, different countries. Even in Singapore - must we live in the same district? I've heard ridiculous sayings about how some gals prefer their boyfriend to live in the East than the West. Err, Singapore is already quite small you know... (But I agree East guys are better looking!)

I like you!

I remember saying absurdly many times to a wonderful guy I was with, "I love you." I love you. I love you, I used to say almost every time we met or parted. But I think I said it more to convince myself that this was going to last as I probably thought it wouldn't, because 'we are too different'. So maybe to spare themselves more heartbreak, safe people choose same-same, after all.

I like you...

Strangely how people seem to like the most unsuitable people. I mean, it's strange to me because I hardly like/love people easily, and when I do like them, I like them for quite some time. But some people can like people every fortnight, every month... Isn't it tiring? Told Kie in the car yesterday about a long-forgotten ex-crushee of his, whom I knew liked him because another lady told me - or rather, asked her about it in my presence. It is all so long ago, so I have no qualms about telling him about that now. He was flabbergasted. I think I can keep secrets pretty well - at least I will forget about it instantly and don't even sneak in a snidely smile at the abovementioned. But not wanting to kill friendships, I thought she was totally unsuitable for him. How do you tell friends their liking is totally unsuitable? You are putting yourself in the target area for a lot of bashing up - that would be so un-worth it. So I will just observe many likings and a few relationships 'crashing and burning', and when the person comes to me for sob-pity party, I will just try my best to hold my tongue and say, I told you so.

After a traumatic relationship, only Jelly honestly told me "I'm happy for you." And then he explained why, and I don't doubt his words. So I think when your friend cannot see the mistake they are driving themselves to, it is best to tell them exactly what you think. In this case diplomacy and tact does not really work. It's good to be a woodblock sometimes! =)

I like you?

Having just passed the v-day, many magazines and whatnot this month brought up the topic of love. Even Kie's cell topic was on l.o.v.e! And Reader's Digest tried to 'define' how to find Mr Right and fall in love etc. Normally I would not read such articles, as I think it's all psychology nonsense... but what to do, I had time to kill while waiting for my client in a magazine store. Pretty interesting too! It said that they conducted a test on which individuals were shown photos of people, twice. One with the pupils dilated and one, normal one. In almost all instances they individuals picked those with pupils dilated as 'more attractive' even though there was no other significant difference. RD says that when we are aroused, we tend to look at someone with pupils dilated. Being a dark-eyed creature, I don't think I can 'see' or feel my pupils dilating, and the other party can't see it also? So this point proves the thingy that most people know already, couples staring into each others' eyes and feeling something for each other. It's actually because of the pupils. RD had more examples and some were pretty interesting, others we probably know about already. But I found this the most interesting, next time I shall try to see if my date's pupils dilate without looking too creepy. It's strange because I can never sense whether anyone has a torch for me. I don't even think further why they are being nice to me, only because all my male friends are super nice as well.

I like you.

There is no conclusion to this post, just that when you like someone, many many people will be interested in finding out why you will exactly like this person. It's as though you suddenly became more interesting! And inevitably, they will share with you their past or current likings as well, and it makes both of you buddies in a world where even simple likings have to be justified...and you shouldn't like him because of... (whatever reason). To me, it's just a liking only , anyways, and the fact that you like this person shows you appreciate this person, and both of you are having nice feelings about each other. So why kill it by being objective?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Melaka notebook: thoughts

You've never really been to a place until you have talked to the people.

Frankly quite bothered that I had to go to a meeting immediately after touching down at the Kallang bus station, and then receiving 50+ emails in the course of these 3 days. Seems like the hectic life of working in Singapore is 'all coming back to me now'. Hate it. Wished I could have stayed longer, like a fortnight and to the other nice places.

Still, I shall not let this affect me and think happily of my short solo backpack trip. Lots of interesting things happened, it's almost as though I was destined to meet these nice people.


After the short bus journey, touched down at Melaka Sentral bus station. It is now the biggest bus station in Malaysia, I was surprised to hear that. About 4 years ago when I was there, it was a small rural station near the river, near the guesthouse (20 mins' walk).

I stayed at the same place I was at, Eastern Heritage at Jalan Bukit China. It is a long chinese peranakan-style guesthouse with art deco European tiles and design interspersed with Chinese motifs engraved on the walls and doors. I love that place, big and airy and almost ancient - was built in the 1930s and very well maintained up to this day. There were others there: Czech, Austrian, Italian, French backpackers who were also staying for a few days in Melaka. Actually this trip is very meaningful for me because I went up on my birthday - it's like my birthday present! I hope that will be the case every year from now. Also, because of the recent relationship woes, I hoped that my spirits would be lifted by this trip. Was supposed to meet Ches but he had a last minute call to Oman.

When I was walking around later, I wanted to go to the old bus station that I was at 4 years ago, and so asked for directions. But no one seemed to know, or understand me. I met a nice old lady, she was walking in my direction, so I asked her about it. And also about Jonker's Street. She took me there in her car, just said, "Hop on if you are not scared of me." Me, scared of a little old lady? She was really nice and told me about the developments in Melaka. Now, it is becoming a bit like Johor or KL, there are more robberies, more bad people. It is considered unsafe for a person to walk the streets alone, especially at night. But somehow, though I have heard that in Johor too, (I've walked alone in Johor Bahru and Skudai too)... I have never met with any danger at all, so I guess God has been protecting me all along.


I love walking by myself, around the historic city, seeing all the well-preserved buildings with Dutch and British influences...somehow when I am constantly surrounded by people, especially in a busy city like Singapore, I lose a part of myself - and find myself getting angry, irritated and pushy - perhaps out of the need to survive in the midst of the busy crowd. Surprisingly, I find myself a much better person, more gracious, gentle, affable here in a sleepy town. I hope never to lose that part of myself again, that I will always have a friendly smile and not let the distractedness of the city get to me. In fact, I was brought up here all along but maybe it's a gene in me that would thoroughly enjoy roughing it out in a farm or something.

It got really fun at night, my guesthouse's owner, an uncle, Yen, brought me to some fun places to be entertained. Not the usual suspects, only serve beer and play pool. Some karaoke. Word spreads around fast in the small town for I only sang 2 songs in one of the places, and the next day, the owner of the other place, a kindly uncle named Richard, heard about it. He seemed to like talking to me very much, and for me, I quite respected him. He's Chindian, married a portuguese wife and studied in Singapore, when Beach Road was still a beach. He told me many stories about Melaka and Singapore that seemed to be almost a history lesson (Remember those we learnt) come to live! I wondered how it was living in those times, it must have been so fun for them. Also met many people of mixed - Portuguese and Chinese descent. They looked very different from each other, but had a unique look of their own - quite good looking with a dark brow and chinese eyes with a sharp jaw. I just wondered how their parents managed to fall in love with each other. One speaks Portuguese with little Malay I suppose, and the villager chinese women only spoke Chinese and dialect. So I guess they did it by looks, hand gestures...but they did fall in love and get married. Love is too complicated nowadays, it's nice to see some couples transcending normal cultural, race or age barriers often criticised by today's media. I'm sure the children will face some repercussions - a good looking mixed Portu-Chinese man in his 40s I spoke too, fit looking and nice, said he cannot find any girl who would want him - Malay, Chinese or Portuguese. So I guess for their children they have it difficult. Being Catholic makes it harder too.

Met Kent E that night too, saw a friendly looking tall guy with sipping a beer by himself at the second place we went to. Somehow felt like he was a kindred spirit. Yen wanted to play pool with him but didn't dare ask. So I volunteered.

Kent E is Swedish and he has bicycled (Can you imagine that!) through BangKok all through West Malaysia to Singapore, and then to Melaka, KL, ...The last I heard (email is good) he is heading to Penang. Then Thailand again and China, Beijing. He has really nice legs. Looks like the new James Bond but much taller and better. I think it's really amazing to just do this, alone, in a strange land. He has some interesting stories that he shared with me. Meeting him, I feel that my life is so much enriched.

Turned out we liked each other's company very much. The next day was a really memorable one for me. It's like meeting someone you have known for years - chemistry? I don't really know how to describe it, but I will always hold the memory of that day in my heart ( yeah can't even begin to write it for fear words do not do it justice ) Definitely a special v-day for me, drinking orange juice in a mosquito-swarm newly opened cafe at midnight with a Swede. How I managed to meet him later that day (with the help of Ah Qiang) is a story in itself! Strangely, it seems that we both met, by chance...then again maybe we were destined to meet. Sometimes, I feel that no one understands me...but somehow I feel that he does, in the way because he is like me, too, the kind of character that is almost an enigma.

And these memories of a 3 night sojourn into Melaka on my own will bring sweet thoughts when I am bothered with work, stressed and wearing my blazer, I will imagine just me and my crocs(heehee), battling the hot sun, walking into the unknown and just loving it. In fact, this trip has made me so motivated to work harder so that I can travel more this year.

So who says Melaka is boring? It is only boring if you go with old folks or a guided tour (super boring). For a fun, exciting and relaxing time, I advocate backpacking, in twos or solo if you dare.

Melaka notebook

Just returned from a short backpacking trip to Melaka. Solo trip.
Here are the photos first.

Each time I go to Malaysia, I try to visit "Secret Recipe"...Mouthwatering cakes!

And their black pepper lamb pie!

On the first day in Melaka, stumbled across this lovely place along Jalan Hang Jebat that plays nice bossa nova. Had their signature cocktail with honeydew and midori mix, tasted very nice.

A view of the interior of the cafe - Geographer's Cafe.

And from the outside...

Christ Church, one of Melaka's most famous landmarks. Everyday there are tourists taking photos in front of it. Dutch Architecture.

Up St Paul's Hill, a view of the saint Francis Xavier's statue and the old church.

Went to seek some respite from the heat and found Barry, a curator of the Museum of Maritime Archaelogy. We chatted for an hour or two. He said I was lucky, as he showed me a rare find - this coin! Made of gold, from ancient Aceh. Worth about $1000, wow.

Also in the Museum, met a guy who was a tour guide in New Caledonia. He owns a b&b, was drawing me the directions to his country. So maybe I will go to New Caledonia later this year, together with Vanuatu and Australia. =)

Chicken Rice Ball! A definite must-try. The taste is really special.

In the evening, some traffic near the guesthouse where I stayed. Took it while walking back. Did not realise my camera was on 'firework' mode, so the carlight was taken by 'mistake', a nice mistake though.

Took this in the early morning. The guesthouse has two cats, this is Gina with the backdrop of tour and backpacker resources on the noticeboard.

Another drink! Morning tea at the market near the guesthouse (Eastern Heritage, Jln Bukit China)

The market, quite busy in the mornings.

A quaint little postbox.

Famous pineapple tarts being baked at Mrs Goh's. I brought home a large can for Mum.

View of the river. The old ship reflected is a Ship Museum. Melaka is Museum country..they have 20 museums. I only managed to visit 3 (I find Museums slightly boring)

My namesake from hundreds of years ago. At the Dutch cemetery, probably Brit or Dutch descent. I saw some of the names and ages, a lot of the people died in their 20s, 30s and also, many kids and babies. I guess at that time, medicine could not heal people, like now.

This is Kent E from Sweden. Enjoyed the time we spent for a couple of days.

Ah Qiang, a local Chinese Melakan. Long story of how we met. I seem to have met many people, angels, in Melaka. He only speaks Chinese so I had some difficulty chatting to him. But we managed.

Bukit China where all the chinese cemeteries were. Found this - I think it is a Dandelion? Beautiful!!!

Sunset, Bukit China at the top. Looks much better than this photo. I wish I could see sunsets everyday. Especially with a loved one, I find it romantic. (Another one is to see the stars at night!)

The last morning I was there, cab in the background took me to Central for the bus home. Kent E traveled from Bangkok through Malaysia to Singapore on this bicycle.

Love the place, love the people.

Friday, February 09, 2007


To fulfil God's will...

Found a vcd in the "Bible Series" - Jeremiah. With nothing much to do on a night like this, sat down to watch it with my wee brother. Interestingly enough, the role of Jeremiah was played by one of today's more popular and famous tv actors, "McDreamy", Patrick Dempsey (In Gray's Anatomy, Dr Derek Shepherd.) This was a much younger Patrick, and his performance is superb. Couldn't have recognized him though - only the eyes.

I think the story of Jeremiah draws many interesting parallels with today's society, and the show prompts me to look into the Bible and read it again. I sympathize most with the King, Zedekiah - he is not portrayed as an evil and cruel man, but rather, one who goes with the times and also prays, but don't seem to recognize God's voice or messenger. In the end, he repents... but it is too late. Also Jeremiah gives up his family and love, to serve God. Not an easy task as he is punished and in prison... being young, as well... he asks God not to choose him... but he is obedient to God's word. You can say that he is someone who follows God's will. And even dares to speak it out infront of a hostile crowd, people who will say that he is a false prophet, that he is a fool. He is tormented by them, and hurt physically, yet he still speaks, for he believes God's word to be true.

I think that my life needs some of this medicine as well. Like the King, I also seek God. But sometimes, dare I say it, only for my own selfish purposes. I serve Him because I like to... but if He asks me to do something for Him, forsaking my desires, and my family, would I dare obey? The theme of God's will runs throughout the whole show as the fall of Judah to Babylon is because of a whole nation's turning away from God.

What is God's will? For years men have asked of God. Me, too.

I have asked God for His will concerning my life. I have even asked for visions of the future, and small selfish prayers... He has answered every single one of them, even those that does not really matter. So God has been faithful. But if I am asked to speak for God, of God, do I dare to?
And why am I running away, once again, from the position He has called me for?

I remember that once, not so long ago, God said that I will speak up for His people, just as Jeremiah did. Maybe I know these people, their lives and ways more intensely than others. But am I to speak to them? I've seen His words change lives. I am saddened, even disgusted at times by the stupid situations we put ourselves into, all because of superficial emotions like loneliness or in desperation. I wish I could speak, but often I remain silent...not because I don't dare to... simply, I can't be bothered to. After all, does it really matter? Do I make a difference? I remember once when shown by the Holy Spirit, Jong's past sins (That I had to tell him so that he could make a clean break and serve God, after healing and deliverance) ...I told him gently and he was shocked that I could have such insight on his life. Nothing happened after that though...perhaps it is not up to me to change his will, but at least I have spoken about it.

God's will...lately, I pondered upon this. What could be better for us than to follow His will? I am unbelieving! If you know God's will for your life, would you pray to reject it, then choose the life that you want to lead? Sometimes I really doubt that God knows what is best for me! Every path that I've so chosen is unconventional to say the least. Should I take the conventional path in one of the areas He so decides, just to fulfil some part of His will in my life and possibly the lives of many others. Or if I do not choose so, will I come to this path eventually...or totally have something else for my life?

Sigh. (I've also been sighing a lot recently.) Some heartaches are easier to avoid than to live them... But maybe stubborn me wants to live them out... and see my mistakes repeated, as usual!

I know that my Destiny is mine to take, and keep... I am aware of the steps I must take.
Just that I don't want to take them right now? Like Jeremiah, I'm still young. I can wait 2 years, or later... Just let me do the things I wanna do first. Live on the gray line. Walk on the wild side, whatever it's called. Fling around. Try some drinks. Or maybe visit Bovida at St James' first, before I get old. I want to earn more money. Invest more first. Etc... Kinda worried He will call me, before I am ready. What will my response be?

I don't want to be someone great...choose someone else. At least until I am ready.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The best and the worst

If you are so worried about what other people think about you, then why do you act the way you do?

Saw an article in Lifestyle about a movie-speed dating. It was remarked in the 'donts', Don't make a running commentary about the movie during the movie. It is a put-off.

Haha. I hope I don't ever have the opportunity to meet this kind of people. Anyway, I would most probably tell them what I feel.

I think the best thing you can do for your loved one is to...just love them. Girls like flowers, I make it a point to give Jeann flowers every birthday (until maybe she is attached, then I pass on my duty...) I still remember I was asking Sammy who liked her very much (long time ago la) what kind of flower she would like... he replied very conclusively that she does NOT like flowers at all! X! You are wrong there bro!

All girls like flowers. (But of course not everyday, and not those big, embarassing kind of bouquets)

Except those who are allergic to them...(Kie had this bad experience once...dare I mention)
One of my 'toot' guy friends never ever gave his gf of 3 years a single rose. Tsk tsk!

Besides gifts... we all know about the love languages... or what people like to receive and will fall in love with you if you... spend time with them,or help them do spring cleaning, or just give them presents, touch them, haha! Discovering our own love languages help us to better fall in love... if your top love language is quality time, don't marry a doctor who has absolutely no time, and no life (but lots of money so lots of gifts!!!)... ya. I don't prefer that, although I know lots of people who do. Money CAN buy love, at least for some. Driving a sports car can, also... ...

I think the best thing you can do for yourself is to make the best of your time while you still have what it takes. Make money while the time is ripe... don't shortchange yourself. Get rid of all unwanted, unneccessary clutter in your life... reward yourself, pamper yourself by doing the things you like to do in awhile, and always upkeep yourself - dun let your looks and figure run away while you are still in your 20s! Coco Chanel once said, and I never forgot this statement: " There are no ugly people, only lazy ones..." If you have nice hair/eyes/ whatever asset, improve it! Showcase it! I think some people ALREADY look like aunties/uncle pattern... I feel so sad for them... sigh. It's time for Extreme Makeover to hit SG? The best thing to do for others... is to show you care. So love yourself too. Smell nice, look nice, carrying a nice handbag and wearing nice dresses really makes me feel good...the whole day! So yes, we can show we care for ourselves, too... otherwise a few years later, it will really be too late.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is...I feel strongly...not to admit your mistakes. Sure, sometimes its because we are over-confident, or really believe sincerely we are right. But these decisions which lead to sometimes disastrous mistakes are the ones hardest to admit. Have I made a mistake in ending this relationship? Or was it a mistake even starting it in the first place? I have no answers. Life is unpredictable. But what's the point of making others miserable if you keep insisting on things that don't really matter to anyone, just to get your point across... Everyone fails. The ones who fail again and again are those who make up countless excuses, and shifting the blame on others. Seem so childish, but all of us are guilty of doing it. What's more important is to be teachable, learn from it then, move on. What's the purpose if you keep thinking about it, making yourself angry over it, ranting and complaining... Some mistakes cost us money. Other mistakes simply cost us our pride. Is our pride so high that we neglect our faults and only see the faults in others? Personally, people who do not admit their wrongdoings and only shift the blame - or those (colleagues, some) I see, never wanting to take up any duties, only those that are self-seeking... I really personally do not have a good impression of them. Often, they are disliked by everyone eventually, despite the good impression they think they have on others. It's obvious when you are self-seeking.

The worst thing you can do to to treat them like crap. Peeved at those who never reply my leaders'/my own concerned sms about their lives... Is your spiritual condition so worthless that you don't even bother to make a reply? To not answer emails, sms...simply not polite. Worst, to FFJ. (New term coined by FL.) Fangfeiji, or to 'put people aeroplane', ie not turn up when promised. Baaaad. I think this is the worst case! When you are assigned to host a particular event and last minute, sms you can't make it, without even giving a reason? Is that fair? You should be so lucky that people are only pissed at you, and don't go to 'pay you a house visit.' We are too, too forgiving to such characters. Pardoning them means that they will only do it again, and again to you...Also being 1 hour late, there is no good excuse for that! The good excuse also needs to come with flowers or a treat at least. If time is money and strictly speaking, pay it back la. Why steal other people's time? What goes around comes around, I always believe...If you do this to people, others will also do it to you in future. Not that we should not do it just because we are scared about one day, some one will be like that also... There is a strange character, a young chap who is a manager at a govt-owned company. Somehow, he always promised to meet me for lunch to talk about investing with me. And we chat well, too. But he always never turns up - don't even sms he is not coming... until hours later with some paltry excuse. Well this happened many times until... I did not even have the heart to call this fellow anymore. It's just inexcusable and unexplainable... and I wouldn't want to serve him as a client too!

I hope everyone will take some time to reflect and not be soooooo selfish. It takes many to make up this be the one who will make a difference in Life.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Now I know why they call it retail therapy!

Having done shopping as 'homework' most of my tertiary life, I really shudder from spending hours in malls, shopping - especially for clothes... besides our retail scene isn't much in those days, just the usual lookalike brands and whatnot. Shop like a man - I usually key in what I need to buy on Palmer and then shop for it. Shopping to me is a waste of time, and usually stressful with hordes of people blocking your way to things. But feeling down recently, I decided to stop work in the early afternoon and shop before my appointment later in the evening - I had to get some new, new year's clothes anyways. Plus my work clothes were getting rather shabby. So I went to Bugis after much consideration, knowing that the other places would not really suit my fancy. Voila! There was a nice shop - I had wandered in previously, liking the interior design... and found some knitwear tops to my liking. And...they were having a SALE! I like sales! Especially when... I only buy clothes that are on SALE.

And all the colors and styles suited me to a tee...Bought 3 items at 30-50% off, quite delighted they still had new pieces in my size. If you wait till it's 70%, usually it's the last piece or worse, only L/XL sizes. Felt really fulfilled after that, it's like an epiphany knowing how certain women feel, after buying an item they so desire... and at a good price too! Been seeing some good buys around recently. Apart from this purchase, last week I also got 2 new dresses - one more casual and one for work...As well as a red striped blouse with flowy sleeves which I'd probably sell/throw after the stripe season is over. It's dirt cheap anyways, and the material is nice, almost cotton lycra-ish. Now I'm quite a fan of the brand which I bought. Something like gg5 cutting and pricing, but less common. So far I only saw 2 shops -one near The Office which sells a range of shoes too. I think it might be a spinoff brand of gg5 or ness as their colors and buttons covered in cloth look similar. It's more mature and less knitwear compared to ness anyways. Cool, I like... am anticipating next week where I'd shop at the places I'd be travelling to. At this rate, I think I need more wardrobe space. Seldom buy clothes too.


Should I feel flattered or bothered by the fact that I realised... Sometimes, we do not like everyone in the world. Right. Generally, I like everyone - or rather, am 'neutral' to those that I see around and are mutual acquaintances. But some guys are quite off-putting, in a certain sense. I never realised why I do not really like these 2 particular persons, until I thought about it... and it suddenly dawned on me.

Mr X is someone that happens to be in my wider posse - meaning we do have mutual groups that meet together for dinner. I like his friends very much and so talking to them, don't really bother about him, though most say he is kind of good looking. Was out celebrating a birthday when he kept on going on and on about himself, how he was heavily involved in this and that event, and how tiring it was, how much brain power was needed, and gave a sort of contented, but disappointed verbal account of his life... He also badmouthed one of his members, who, coincidentally happened to be my ex-member. I guess it was this that led me to think deeper, otherwise I wouldn't have concerned myself with his issues. I really felt his character was shady then. Being a leader, yet complaining about his a way that just draws the attention to himself, like he is doing a lot... spending a lot of! I think I am more tired but I don't complain about it. Mr X basically dominated the whole conversation, not giving any thought to those who might want to talk about more cheerful birthdays. Also it's mean to keep on talking about subjects others might not be interested in, and making the whole group listen to you, and then later wondering what the dinner was about? For Mr X to rant...? Sucks.

Also, I think its unwise to talk about your members impending relationship and being overly concerned, by the way, all of the group know the member, but I think it's outrightly embarassing to say about such... honestly, Mr X's whining is unsuitable for his bearing and age. I was half glad to leave the birthday early (a handsome friend wanted to 'comfort' me), even though I really liked the company of the others.

Mr Y is someone who 'tries to be funny' - tries too hard to be funny, this kind of person; and likes to show off his knowledge in front of others, so that some gullible ones will think that he is very clever. But those really clever ones do not have to talk so much. Somehow I was trying to be neutral to him, but I no longer can... I noticed him one day, ogling me - one part of my body (not the boobs la.) I was quite disgusted. I really tried to keep a distance away from him as I was scared if he tried to 'accidentally' bump into me or keep throwing that part. More disgustingly still, he is attached, although not for a long time. Even if I tell the poor gf, what is the point? I'm also not going to get myself in this mess... Well, I told a guy friend who was also present. I shall just keep my distance from this horrid fellow. I usually don't notice this kind of thing - am quite insensitive, but I guess every woman who reads it can understand how I feel... somehow, you just know it when someone is ogling you, and if the person is someone you don't like, you will have a very yucky feeling. I caught him ogling twice that day, once when I was...adjusting the...attire that covered it... another time when I was sitting down. So disgusted! I can barely think what sort of nasty imagination is going on in his mind. I think the nickname Jeann gave him is quite apt.

I don't think that all guys are like that... I'm sure there are some girls who might be worse, but frankly nowadays I only mix around with guy friends and my female members. I've lost trust in women, knowing their nature. Especially those who claims to be your friends and then in front of you, pretend to be nice. But schemingly or not, badmouth you. Either they earn too little or they are too fat to like me. Eh? Somehow guys are not like this, you can understand... ...

So just observe the people around you... Some fascinate me. Others, their behaviour is so disgusting that maybe only a mother can love them... sad creatures.

Photos - Ting's shop

Some 'overdue' photos.

Yeah this is me... pretending to be boss' wife... lao ban niang as they call it. With the very retro condensed milk tin used for storing coins... so retro that I've never seen it being used before, perhaps wayyy before my time.

A few days before Christmas'06 (2006 seems to be such a long time ago already), Chess and I made a trip to Ting's shop. Haven't gone there in a while! Well, Chess met his old acquaintance from China... and had a lengthy conversation about wildlife...

Meanwhile the man without a license was awfully scared of the stationary white vespa... Heh. I told him to pose like a model and this is what I get.

I love those retro cups made of tinted brown glass with flower motifs on them...and the various knickknacks used to make up this wall/sink. Spot the tingkats and the beautiful designs...

We also found a collectible of our church - would you believe it? It's a ceramic coinbank of Trinity Christian Centre, Adam Road. Quite ancient, they still use the old logo of a white dove on a blue square background. Ting says if he finds another he will give it to me. I hope, with coins in it...

With Ting, don't know why we are so happy over earning only $10 that day!