Thursday, February 25, 2010

in love, photos

I love looking at (well-taken) wedding photos, and while I'm not there yet, it's always nice to dream that you are the owner of such fabulous photos. Was browsing through the works of this guy I know and once again, I am loving his works - the old school vibe, the black and whites, the scenery. This couple's was done in Cameron Highlands! And you can see how the mist adds a nice touch. I stared at the one with the bicycle for a long, long time. I would love to have a photo like this, blow it up on canvas and it would just give any room such an entrancing quality.

The other photographs are just so perfect, done by an American (
The whole wedding just looks so, so perfect and the photos are a wonderful way to relieve the day. The couple looks so lovely! I have already restrained myself from posting the whole collection of their photos here (you can view on
I like the last photo of the bride with the groom on an escalator. Quirky, original, yet don't we all take those escalators almost everyday? It's something that you can't help looking at and smiling. Somehow wedding photos have the innate energy and beauty from love to give it an edge, to help you to see that, hey, let's just stop for a moment in our busy lives and admire these photos.

Some very good news, I've got a job. The paranoid me can't believe it until I am actually seated at my desk (I do wonder if it will look boring) so I am saving the news to shout it from the mountains until I probably have settled in for a month and also getting my first month's paycheck. It took a lot of people to help me to move out from a media profile to a corporate career, and I was surprised that they were 'very keen to have me onboard'. So let's see how it all goes, but I think I will be loving this job! Pay is good, location good... and it's the same company where my future MIL works at. How's that!

Monday, February 22, 2010

small woes

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It seems like it's been too long since I am not gainfully employed - though, it is less than 2 months. But I am already feeling the weariness of waking up and having nothing significant to do, and little to do that doesn't involve spending of money in some way or another... truly, life in Singapore can be miserable on a budget. So although I am generally easy-going, living in the present and a small couch potato inside enjoys watching reruns of Friends, CSI and fashion makeover shows incessantly, in some dark hours, my fears and worries eat me up so that I am unable to explain the bleakness and despondency of my feelings.
I worry about when am I going to get a job, not any job, but a fulfiling one where hopefully I can see myself in, the next 5-10 years. A job which hopefully matches my pay, I need that... and I hope that my expectations can be justified. A job which I would not have to commute long distances to - it's been said somewhere that we can get used to living in extremely small spaces but we never get used to long commutes, despite going through it daily - the daily grind only serves to make us more frustrated. And in these times, I pray more, but I also feel guilty to do so. Why pray more only about our selfish desires and yet, not confess our sins, of which I have increasingly many and always glaringly obvious to me when I pray about my little needs. Okay, perhaps having a job is a major need, but I am still in a better, and less urgent position than others in debt or having other monetary demands like kids or their parents to take care of.
I realised that I am egoistic, that I attach pride to my work or title, and now being workless and titleless, feel lesser of a person when someone asks me what I am working as. To some, I answer that I'm changing from a media role to a corporate clime. I never realised that I was quite proud of my unique job title, a job usually open to only males and older people. A job I never really could love and enjoy thoroughly because of all it entails.
And through it all, I realise I am thankful for my man. Yes, I am very bad to always tease him about this-body-part where everyone does the same, but I instantly regret doing so - he has never done the same to me though I am less-than-perfect. If I did not have him now, I think I would be more whiny, less easy-going, more neurotic and endlessly wondering about my future. Perhaps, I would have made less intelligent choices - instead of looking at a career that bodes well for the advancements, learning curve and prospects, I might have chosen one which pays well but utimately leave me in the same situation years later. I realise how grateful I am for his presence, his chastisement to my spending prowess, his innovative ways of stretching the bucks. I wish I could be more like him! And yes, in a way I've tried - did you know that the $10 plus huge bottle of moisturiser at watsons (brands like nivea, jergens...) cost less than half price in the cut-price beauty shops at AMK? And no more $20 bottles of body moisturizer for me... I feel that Jergens work just as well =P
With this note, I resolve to pray more whether jobless or not, and always be grateful for things we could overlook when we're busy at work.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

a shocking job interview

Currently looking for a job, I was really keen to go to and possibly get hired into a company which everyone, even my Dad, oohed and aahed over.

I guess everyone knows about the exciting pay and benefits one can get in such a job. Also, such jobs are only open to graduates with 'very good' degrees, so it was also an accomplishment for me just to score the interview. The job scope looked like something I could do well (design based), and the position was something impressive as well (it has a 'manager' in the title!)

But the interview was possibly one of the worst interviews I've ever been to. I was shocked and disappointed, and too stunned that I had to write it here.

Having been interviewed quite a number of times, and also been on the other side- having interviewed people as well, I can say that I'm quite objective in this area. My interview with this prestigious organization consisted of 3 interviewees. Since most of them had the brains to be working there, and also the design smarts, I expected to be talking to creative, capable individuals. But their body language indicated that interviewing me was a bore, and they looked so wearied at their job that in the short time I was there I began to feel stifled, tense and uncomfortable myself! One guy who definitely looked very intelligent, took to studying my CV throughout the whole interview with nary a glance at me. He looked as if he was studying for an exam but did not ask me any smart questions about my previous job scope which had been queried to me before by other competent managers.

When I asked them about what the scope exactly entails, the lady told me mumbo-jumbo which no one could understand, I believe she just memorised the scope word for word - and when I asked them about the companies they were involved with (as mentioned on the website), she could not name any... well then, what was the job really about? She told me wearily, that 70-80% of the time spent involved writing reports (which I think no one would read or understand) and little time spent outfield unless they had projects. She also said that they always work OT to finish the reports and because they had many bosses, it takes a long time to get approval for things to be done. In short, she is not selling this position to me but in fact scaring me off.

The other lady just looked at my shoes and my bag. All three were poker faced with no enthusiasm at all.

When I showed them a presentation of one of my ideas on how to integrate a design function of existing technology to provide users with a healthcare experience, which impressed even technology companies and healthcare directors and got them excited, these scholars just stared at it blankly, poker faced. This spells out clearly to me that they can't even tell if it's a good idea or not. (Don't want to press the point, but my idea impressed HP top execs, Healthcare IT directors, my ex-boss that he called to let them know, various head of healthcare who immediately saw how it works and the benefits, etc.)

Immediately, I could see how it works in this company. It's quite sad, if I am a top student who have worked hard to excel in my field, only to be stuck in a job which require only report writing skills and no ability to make decisions, thus rendering me incapable to tell how to and when to approve things. By the way, entering this job also requires an IQ test.

Even though I am probably paid much lesser than them, I had the authority to control my schedule, plan for work areas which I am enthusiatic about because it is something I want to do, and work with people I like because I can. I've been told about the government drones, now meeting 3 of them, I feel I don't want to become one of them! I guess all of us can tell about entering some workplaces, there is a busy, vibrant vibe, or at least a positive vibe in it. When I entered that building, it seems dead, tense, stifling although their job is to creative positive design spaces. I've been to other government buildings to meet with top execs and I can say that it is not like this in other places. I was just too shocked with this interview and the lack of enthusiasm and lack of understanding creativity they employ, that I would believe was essential not only to their jobs but to the whole organization.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

labor of love DIY!

So here was the Ikea black frame (glass) that I decided to do up as part of a Valentine's Day present...after all, it feels more meaningful receiving a special handmade gift from your girl...

I did away with the white frame and decided to use the black frame horizontally. Cut two black a4 paper for the base. These nice lomo prints are from Cat Socrates which used to be blu-tacked to my office wall and since then I haven't found a use for it, but they are too beautiful to be discarded. The glitter heart is from a hair band- it dropped off and also, too nice to be discarded. It just fits in so well!

Took some time to piece all the pieces together with the right color combi. Amazingly, this was ALL the pieces I had (save for 3 on my shelf frame.) It's just so perfect. The small card size photos of us I had taken as a birthday present last year, and printed cheaply at a Kodak store. (don't go to Fotohub to print, it's a ripoff and the color quality is not good.)

Close up of the completed. All that's left to do is to trim the edges to fit.

Completed? Nice nice? Hope he will like this unique idea of displaying our love-photos in a discreet manner. The glass frame really makes it look more classy, adds depth... and not school project-ish... always buy glass frames!

Final is a closeup of our photos.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

french food, flowers and choya by the beach

Makes for an unforgettable birthday experience. TheBoyfriend certainly knows how to make a woman feel special especially when she's not getting any younger. I've never received such a nice bouquet of flowers before! Nor purple roses!!! Verrry happy!
and hope it won't go downhill next year/after married/kid, hahaha!

flowers, french food and the zoo

Verry happy, I got flowers - purple roses from TheBoyfriend. It is now sitting pretty in 2 vases.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

smart writing, I like this type of ads.

Poker Face (Chinese New Year Version)

can't get it outta my head now! v v funny!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

80s child in Oz

I still like red. In fact, love it. Unfortunately not many brands do red nowadays. Was so fashion-forward mixing red and pink together in an outfit plus the gray sweatpants. The long legs help a lot. And the blunt fringe. I was so nonchalant eating that ice cream on the street corner!
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80s child

This photo is a hoot, and too retro. Note the cassette player, I'm wearing my Dad's sunglasses with the retro tint... white singlet, blue and white slipper... chic appliqued cap. Was at Sentosa for a picnic.
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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

odds and ends

Remember those teenage days when you put in all that effort to do something homemade for your bestie's birthday or your 'stead'... scrawling on cards and trawling different shops to get interesting materials... Well, this V-day, being on an extremely tight budget, I D-I-Y something for TheBoyfriend... using this... once again, black Ikea frame. I have bought this some time ago with Architect... long time ago actually, but could not find 3 matchy photos to put in, so it has boring land maps currently. Revamped to something nice, I'd post up the photos afterwards... *suspense!

Was in town last week someone blanjah me ayam penyet, so I took the opportunity to walk around town especially the places I seldom go to like... Far East Plaza. Going back there sure brings back memories of those days where we would haunt the little shops and find interesting scrunchies - yes they were in back then, tonnes of cheap slippers, bikinis, baby tees... Lately it's been quite pricey so I stopped going there to shop, but the afternoon brought a pleasant surprise. I actually found cheap chic stuff that were quite nice.

I like peeptoes and bows on shoes and this brown actually suits my skin tone... and the espadrille wedge heel is nice. Super comfy, not a single blister...and no pain on the toe base which most heels would cause me...amazing. And... it's below 20 bucks, cheap huh? Machiam shopping in Bangkok.

Yes I know I have one bag like this... But this is so furry I had to get it. From BYSI, a small version of Chanel-inspired flap. And it's from TheBoyfriend! Yes, I used his shopping vouchers (christmas gifted) so can say this is the first bag he bought for me...

Some branded top but with the label cut off from 'supermarket' at FEP. It's near 'woodwood', a shop with quirky, one of a kind pieces that I like very much. I've been searching for nude tops with black accents, so very this season for forever so imagine my surprise when I found it on the discount rack, and it's in my size. Doesn't look like much here but it's feminine and floaty! The same shop also stocks a Stella McCartney dress in navy or that dusty pink she always uses... LOVE! But it was over my budget so I restrained myself. Plus, I haven't worn all my dresses yet... LOL.
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And lastly, the reason why I went to FEP: To get a cheap swimsuit. Since I don't have any decent ones for swimming... only string ones for suntanning which are a bit hazardous to learn swimming in... and I don't want to buy something expensive... or... fugly. Ta-dah! It's called a maillot... and if you ask me whether it's more decent... it's not... muahahaha. Well, unfortunately I can't FIT (too thin) the tankinis, and none of the boutiques actually sells those fugly swimsuits with the skirt or thick shoulder straps... well, I got this maillot. Nice huh? Got discount one. And I have a penchant for polka dots. I think FEP is quite interesting if you can avoid the made-in-china products and the cheap tees. There are a number of boutiques carrying branded or semi branded stuff, also a lot of made in Korea stuff, some good, some stunning. Those on the 2nd floor (actually I only went to the 2nd floor and the ground floor) are quite posh really. Having exhausted the clothes stores in Raffles City and Ion's quite high end, I think I will go back to haunting FEP.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

bags I like

This week...

(while walking to Chomp2)
Me to TheBoyfriend: 'Dear... do I have a valentine's day surprise? Tee hee...'
TheBoyfriend: 'The surprise is no surprise.'
Me: ........

(the next day)
TheBoyfriend to me: I'm gonna take leave on Friday! You take leave as well! (I am not working currently...) We can celebrate your birthday in November. (My birthday is this month.)
Me: ...Haha.

Oh, how cute TheBoyfriend is. Although sometimes I want to choke with laughter.

Here are the top 10 bags on my bag list.

Not that I like them as a status symbol or to own a luxury good... I feel that the transformation from a little girl to a young woman begins with... knowing how to put on makeup, heels and a good bag. All set to conquer the world. Carrying a nice bag really makes your day different, you have a different feeling, I'm sure those in the know can attest to that. (The same goes for shoes but I think I don't have it in me for shoes.)

Having a good sense of my own style - what I like, what colors I would actually carry often, and, this often neglected - the size of the bag which suits my persona. Somehow, I don't like lugging around big bags though my frame suits them. I also can't do clutches and pouchettes though I think they are really nice. Slouchy types like hobos also don't do it for me. So, in a nutshell, I'm a 'structured + medium sized + kitschy/loud/nude colors' kind of bag person. And I like patent leather. Somehow it suits me too.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs tote. Comes in different colors. I was about to get one of these but it was all sold out so I got my Agnes B. One bag I am likely to afford, thus likely to buy... soonish. Yes, it comes in other nicer colors but this was the only good photo I found...

Mulberry Alexa. Satchels! I like satchels. And I like the color and the brand.

I'm not into LV, it's a bit too hard and heavy for me, but if I were to own one it would be in this shape, the speedy. I feel it's a classic shape and ladylike to carry around. I like the one in purple although the one in original print also does well. I like the color purple and it's tough to find a nice purple bag.

Any Longchamp bag. So versatile. I like the ones in pink or brown.

This classic Longchamp bag. Great for work! I already feel quite professional and confident just looking at it. Such magical powers it has!

Loewe Nappa Aire. One of my favorite underrated brands for bags. I feel they can do no wrong and all of their designs are nice, although the pricey range means it's for women of a higher stature. This is so chic, so classy, so soft, so roomy......

My most lusted-after bag. Lady Dior! Named after Lady Diana who was fond of it and supposedly owned every colorway. Mlle Ange and I were browsing in the high end boutiques one afternoon and we weren't impressed by the Chanel flap on display. However this got our nods and it just looks stunning... brought back from a retro design and the non-patent ones look just as good, it looks good in every color except black surprisingly. Subtle charm chain adds to it's perfection. Looks small but is rather roomy. And quite rare! I love it I love it I love it.

Coco Cocoon. The large black ones look like rubbish bags but this size is ok. I like reversible bags. It's red, a nice color for a bag, when it's reversed. This rose gold is very chic too. Very huggable. Somehow the idea of reversible bags always makes me excited.

I think the picture speaks for itself? Burberry has made many mistakes in the past... but all is forgiven. Also in white, can't stop looking at it.... and not very very expensive. Tres chic.

Last but not least, another Burberry. Some will hate it but it's just so me. A cute but chic me. Matches my black outfits. I can just imagine me with it. Yum yum!