Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Diverted, diluted...

Going to look at my goals everyday.

It's amazing how a small mouth ulcer can cause one person's body to feel...argh.
The small (okay, not so small) one on my lower lip was so painful two days ago that I refrained from talking, too much. It generated over-producing of saliva - which I had to digest, every few seconds...which caused 'wind' in my intestines, causing it to bulge out... which made me feel real bad.

And I baby ulcer at the base of my lower lip. Another one...!
It's an old wives tale that you caught ulcers from dirty food (lizards' shit and what not), no one really knows why you get ulcers, though TCM says it's due to 'heatiness'. I seldom have ulcers, this is my first time this year, so am not taking it too well. But now I know how other ulcer sufferers feel and have said a prayer for them. Poor chronic cluster-ulcer sufferers. I'm glad I only have it once or twice a year.

Plus am pretty quiet these days so I think all my friends are feeling sort of relieved. Realised that when I don't speak, I have more expression in my eyes, so maybe now I should cultivate that: speaking with my eyes. I can't do much expressions though, later all my clients think I'm batting my eyelids at them. At least, I don't pout as well...


Realised I haven't been doing much lately workwise, I think it's all the exhibitions and my stint at lecturing that has thrown me off-balance. And of course, the coming-to-terms with the hard life lessons of last year.

It does take awhile to get back into the flow of things. I still think it's a pretty unstable balance between work and ministry, both demands time, and effort - which makes me so tired at times. I think I need to build up on my energy level. Internally, it's always been positive. Externally, I look tired when I don't get enough sleep (it's my fault, I seem to dilly dally around the house at night doing all sorts of things, me nocturnal) I think I need toned arms to carry my bag around! Going to start on a stringent exercise regiment. Which involves two ball games, some gymming, lots of walking (which I usually do already) and some sandcastle building really.

Sandcastle building gives you really toned arms and shoulders, I can build a life sized mermaid from scratch, with nothing but my fingers and a pail of water. Looking forward, the next time I go Sentosa! =)

Life is like this, when you forget about your PASSION and FERVOR, usually you forget that you have a definitive purpose in LIFE to all that you are doing everyday... And then, the days just pass by until one day, you realise that the way you have lived recently is almost similar to the days that you have languished away, working but not really working, living but not really living. And you want to change, don't just fritter the years away until you are middle-aged but not having anything to show for it.

Met up with HK Millionaire, he said I looked more mature lately. I guess it's a compliment to me. He looks sort of haggard and thinner. Guess it's the way he pushes himself to work for his $. For me I know I can push myself too, but maybe not too much for now. After all, some spiritual wealth is more valuable to me. And I guess I am growing up, finally, after my hiatus for one year, of which, I did not accomplish much.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

At the Right Time

Warning: A deep, personal sharing

Watched "Priceless", think it's a nice show. I'm quite a fan of Audrey Tatou plus a fan of Balenciaga, Chanel, Stella, Helmut, Jaeger LeCoultre!!! =) Meanwhile, I think maybe it is everyone's secret desire to have a lifestyle of the rich and famous, or just rich and enjoy life, so maybe the show gives us a little peek into 'how' we can make it there. Marry rich! Or just be a companion of the rich. Well for me, I eat lunch with HongKong millionaires and dine with surgeons who drive Lexus cars, those sort of thing...It is quite tempting, but I think the spiritual aspect is more important after some time - like when Irene realises even though she can marry this rich old man who can provide for her, she chooses a penniless, younger chap who is much more to her liking. Well, if I am a rich old man, I will always wonder whether the girl likes me, or likes my money more? I think it is a bit of both, isn't it... =)

Later, we were talking about our EX-girlfriends and boyfriends (Girlfriends for the guys, and so on! Of course!) I don't know how this came about, but I thought the whole dinnertime conversation veered dangerously on this topic. For my ex, it's quite awkward because everyone(from the older clique) knows him, too. I wish that wouldn't be the case, I would be so glad if they only knew him by name, age, and the other superficial details that wouldn't have mattered; like which secondary school he came from.

Actually there are two types of likings, or so as defined by me, recently: One type is you have spent prolonged times with the person, and thus, like him a lot. The other type is that you already have some liking for the person, and want to spend time with him to get to know him more. I mean, there are other complicated types out there but basically, mainly, I think it falls into these two categories. I think I'd be insulted if someone claims to like me when he does not even know me well, even indignant, about it. It's really not the length of time you have known each other, but the depth. And how to get that depth? I have no idea, either.

What makes some people 'clique' with each other, and others, not? Is it our upbringing? Our working style? Or our personalities, or just some complicated thing to do with our brainwaves and yadda yadda that no one can ever discover?

Or as Elk says, "Liking someone can HURT... so it's better not to like". True?

For people who have been rejected, dumped, or hurt before, it can come as a blow, especially from the ones they love a lot. Or even, care a bit for.

Through some words, or some senseless actions, the emotional low can throw many a tough guy off. Despite being...traumatised, to say the least, in the recent past, I think some introspection on behavioral patterns helped me to come to terms with the emotional roller coaster I was on. I'm generally quite...insensitive (unless it concerns me, haha!) and unemotional, so I was quite surprised to discover this side of me that I thought did not exist. Let bygones be bygones, but I hope that my future husband will learn how it was like for me at that point of time, and love me despite how it has caused me to be, now. No matter what, I will have some emotional baggages despite my best intentions. It's not about letting it go, but because of what it has done to you, you will realise how difficult it is to let go of some fears caused by unhealthy (emotionally, that is) relationships.

And yes, I was disappointed too, because I had thought that he was in the Lord's plan for my future. When did I realise he was not? Well, maybe early on. But stubborn me just pushed through and hoped for the best.

Unfortunately when a relationship does not fulfil its destiny, God will also let it die? But I'm glad for the lessons, although I fear I will shrink away from another. Yes, withdrawing is my default mode, please be patient with me (and my fragile heart.)

I'm also scared I will be frivolous and just play with other guys' hearts. I thought of doing that, during my backslidden mode late last year. And I thought that I would be quite successful at it too. Just shut my heart away from other guys. Play, have fun, flirt around. I'm quite attractive to certain age groups and races, I know, I know. But too bad, I'm too intelligent (unfortunate!) to do that, I lack the shallowness of character... ...

True love actually helps you to be a better person, when you love someone, you will understand the goodness that lies within.

I hope that all my friends will embark on meaningful relationships once they are out of the "Lonely Hearts Club." I enjoyed the Lonely Hearts Club meeting, but I am getting ready to emerge too. Listen to your heart, what is it telling me? Love hurts because you have opened up your heart to the person.

And write down your thoughts, because it means a lot to me.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Casino Tornado

In other breaking news, a 'tornado' was spotted by one of The Office's managers, swirling mysteriously around...Yes, you are right! The Casino! (aka integrated resorts) Is this an ominous sign that judgement is to come upon our city? Does this point to...something after the recent spate of events? (Think UNSWAsia's closure)

Should property buyers still invest in condominiums in the area like One Shenton Way, and The Sail???

Your reporter on the ground in Singapore, somewhere around Marina Bay, Spiritedly.

UPDATE: Muchas apologies, my PA told me that it is classified as a 'waterspout',
quite similar to tornado but not as dangerous. IT's really scary if you are nearby it though, although passersby in small bumboats were not affected at all.

waterspout: a funnel-shaped or tubular portion of a cloud over the ocean or other body of water that, laden with mist and spray, resembles a solid column of water reaching upward to the cloud from which it hangs.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Caught up in a moment

If it's easy to do, it's not worth doing...

Sometimes when we are too caught up in the daily grind of life, we often forget how to take a break, have fun, enjoy life a little. Like getting a nice big cup of Avocado milkshake perfectly blended from the fruit juice shop, 20 mins' walk away from the office. Or smiling at colleagues, or smiling at random people I thought were my colleagues (What, I work in an MNC ok...) Well, today someone who looked familiar, like a colleague smiled at me while I was on the travellator, and not wanting to be rude, I smiled back. But I also smiled back, because I was in a good good mood, having caught up on my sleep. Being in my job, sleep is a luxury. And last night I let myself home early and slept till I woke up naturally, which was such a fun thing to do! (Working late tonight makes up for the sloth.)

I guess I push myself (mentally) too hard at times. I keep thinking of work things to do to occupy myself, even though I may not get around to do it. Too positive! The bane of my life! I want to do so many things, but I want to live as well, go for massages, chat with people I love for ages, play with my pets. Go to the beach! And etc.

Realised through my "Muffin Talks" that I needed more encouragement, so recently have been picking up my face from the floor to ask my spiritual leaders and some peers for the help I need. I've been told it's a common predicament that people ask for help, but in actuality do not know what sort of help they need. For me, a positive sort of help I guess. I know where I'm going to ideally, so I'd need some help to get from here to there. It's ironic, I can always easily see how and what sort of help others need, but for myself, I'm clueless. Maybe I need an outside perspective to tell me what is going wrong and what can be improved. And it's astute, how I've been told about things I seem to know - I do agree that I need some push factors at this point of time. Seem to be able to engage in worship so easily each service, just shut myself in, into the presence of God. I long for service to renew me, refresh my heart.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's nice to have someone to argue with

Bonding through arguing, taking communication to a new high...

Well, I did ask for God to help me. So in this out-of-the-box way to an unconventional person, He did. And, although it's tiring, frustrating, and irritating at first, eventually every argument turns out in a beautifully positive manner. Can't say I don't like it, because no one ever argued with me like that before! It brings out the worst in me, it makes me talk out all my stuff, and in the end I actually feel much better. So don't feel bad for arguing with me Muff, it's nice to have someone to argue with.

Think we did shock HashBrown too much though with rapid gestures, raised voices, and harsh words. It was my fault really, I did cross the 'suaning boundary'. Through our diatribes, we had agreed that there should be boundaries that should not be crossed, in order for no one to be strangled, and each person to be happy, open and still talking to each other. Sometimes, insensitive me being me, I never realised how hurt I can make another person feel, unintentionally. Of course close ones know this, but it's also better to make another feel happy than sad. Poor Muffin, I always like to laugh at him. I only realised it much later in the night and told him I was sorry. But after that, after another 'argument' which came up because of a simple question 'are you ok', we had a deep sharing about God, about life, which almost made me cry, in a good sense. I think God uses people powerfully to impact others in ways they never thought possible, and this is perhaps an unusual way we are able to share - through arguing first. =)

Talking about God, found something my little brother wrote, he said God told him so.
So with a little edit, be blessed:

There are many reasons why I celebrate my birthday...& there are 7 reasons.
I like the number 7.
God's number is 7 while Satan's number is 666.
My date of birth is 07-07-97
My IC no is S97#####G (edited for privacy)
This year is 2007 so when it is on my birthday, it becomes 07-07-2007.
I live at Block 117, Serangoon North Ave 1, #07-XXX, singapore 550117.
I have more than 7 friends!

I bought my rabbit cage, it's black wired with forest green bottom and comes with everything except rabbit. Haha.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No one told me it was going to be easy

Aye, like most people, I'd prefer it if things were easier sometimes.

Muff asked if my real dream was to migrate to Sweden. Heh, guess I've been talking about it too much eh? Told him what I shared with with Huntley, one boring evening. I think it's not often that people ask each other about their dreams. And perhaps we should, more often than not, lest we forget. We have a tendency to forget about the most important things in life: God, our family and the ones we really care about and connect with.

I guess I've never really defined my REAL dream. Sure, there are many things I would like to do in this lifetime, many which I think is rather absurd, but all the same, nice to imagine having and doing.

Anyways, my dream, one I have had since I was younger, was that I will build a city - and my husband to build one, too. It may be planting cell, or having different callings to different minitries - I think that this dream is more of a spiritual one than any other. Maybe he's going to build an orphanage while I build a global retail chain, or maybe I plant several churches in Sweden while he stays here and builds up the kids in our local church. Who knows, really... but that's my dream that was placed in my heart. And I'm writing it here today to remind myself, to dream again.

It's nice to see people getting together, one of my favorite moments is to see newlyweds or newly-attached people smiling at each other and talking in secret codes unique to their relationship. Think I'm a believer in romance, in love. Do wish Singaporean guys are more romantic, at least, do the basic things like opening doors for ladies who are carrying stuff on both hands. It's the culture here that has taught us to be independent, but after a tired day out, I would be suitably impressed with a guy who has that something extra. Someone who fetches you home even though he is tired out too, or comes to pick you up or does that extra little thing. Guys, the ladies are watching. And even though you don't feel like doing it, please be sincere in all the actions. As I keep telling HashBrown, we(ladies) can feel your vibe. And it's quite sad to see ladies mistreated by their other half, unknowingly or not.

I've happily been an observer for some time now, in other people's lives. I think this period of time, it's good for me to take a back seat, interact with new people again, rejuvenate and find the self that I've lost last year. It's great to form new friendships, hopefully deep ones, with the people around me that I've just got to know. It's beautiful to realise that your friends have true strength in the midst of adversity. Through trials in their spiritual life, their emotional and relational issues, they still find the courage somehow to pick up the pieces, and recover themselves, recover what was lost. I see my friends, not wanting to hurt anyone, slowly showing the strength through their silences, though the look in their eyes is one of hurt. Talked to Muffin till it hurts too, till I am almost weeping at his sharings, because - I once was in that situation too. And at that point of time I am thankful to say today, I also had a friend like that to support me. I've learnt how to be more transparent, and more accountable as well - something I thought I've always done and didn't need to do. He doesn't know, but he has been a catalyst in changing the way I lead cell sessions. Penelope has remarked on the change, she too, has realised the difference. (The rest wouldn't know because they weren't around, before.) Now, I lead with God actually speaking to me. I used lead with rationality. About knowing God with your mind rather than with your heart...and soul. I mean, it was okay too, the members weren't shortchanged or anything. Just that, now, it's different - and better too. Because each time I share now, I share from my heart.

I marvel at this change in me. A book says that the statement "In every person's heart there is a God-shaped void only God can fill", is true, but truer still is the fact that in every person's heart there is a human shaped void that only another human can fill. We can chat on messenger and blog and email and sms, but nothing beats hearing another person, face to face or on the phone. And we've sort of lost that. Tired out by work and stuff. But still, wanting to connect with people, we have got to take the initiative of doing so.

Went to the Robinsons' cardmember sale with Mom and little brother primarily because I wanted to buy a hard luggage - don't have any and need one eventually - so might as well get it at a discount. Plus I wanted to check out some essentials and non-essentials! Wow it was packed...I must say that the discounts are really good. Next time when I am an auntie I will apply for Robinsons' gold card too, and buy bedsheets, cookery stuff, shoes and lingerie every sale. Hahaha! I could have spent the whole day there if not for work, so I left after lunch. It was quite okay shopping with Mom - my Mom is very 'atas', during sale will encourage me to buy all the branded goods, saying it's a good deal. (Yes, but still expensive if you buy like double of what you normally do.) Anyways I'm learning to be smarter with my money. Apart from clothes; of which I only buy during sales, next time I will buy like makeup, lingerie, books, yadda yadda... during sales. So yeah, and I will have tons of stuff and not more money. The crazy thing about this kind of first-day cardmember sale is that you are shopping with a bunch of crazy people, kiasu aunties who go before it is opened at 1030 am and grab stuff... they are all adrenalin charged man! So instead of being the savvy shopper that we usually are, we soak up the atmosphere and become like them too, scouring around, walking round again and again for good buys! Now I know why some people can shop for the whole day!

This shopping trip helped me to bond with Mom though, usually not talking to her very much because I'm often home late. =) So cheers to Robinson for bringing the family together - and besides my lovely luggage (branded somemore), I got myself really lovable buys I'd never expect, shopping at Robinsons'.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Transgendered #1

Rethinking gender: What makes us male or female?

Same sex attraction: A Christian perspective¤tpageno=1&searchtype=all&pageno=1

Two very good reads for understanding 'the third gender' as it is widely called.
Post more of my thoughts later, its late!

I think that Sg will eventually allow gay marriage (since now oral sex is permitted) I do not agree nor disagree with it, I just think it will eventually happen.
I mean, look at it positively. Society will be so interesting! (ha.) Look at how the world is changing and see where you stand.

Stay tuned, to be continued...

Friday, May 11, 2007


Correlation. It's a word which explain many things. How we see life. Why our parents named us "----" instead of "----". My parents originally wanted to name me...Abigail. (Abigail!) Yes, hearing that, I am kinda glad that they named me Rachel instead. Despite it being a common name, added on to a common surname, I do like my name. Having this name made it easier for me in Life, I guess. At least to the largely English speaking population. Rachels are seen as cheerful, open, happy, exicitable people with nice hair and great dressing sense. At least the one in FRIENDS.

But who am I today is not largely made up of external factors we largely cannot change - not many people change their name unless they are motivated to do so, and one might argue, motivated to succeed, to 'rebrand' themselves. When I speak to strangers, people on the phone, I guess they remember me mainly because I have a nice tone, and also my name is easy to remember.

What we naturally discriminate against - a realisation

All of us discriminate against other people. Mostly, due to the fact that we have not had much interaction with them. I think the reason why most straight guys are scared, dislike, or avoid most gay guys is because of...Fear. You fear what you don't know. And most straight guys are scared that either, they will somehow be attracted to form a relationship with the gays; or sacred that they gays will like them and do nasty things to them. Of course, speaking it out sounds ridiculous, so instead of doing so, they subtly discriminate against homosexuals by gestures, remarks, jokes, and etc.

We have the same discrimination towards old people - as we do not have a chance to interact with them on a daily basis, for most people. Or other races. Though Singapore is thought to be racially open and non segregated, how many of us can count close friends of other races? Like it or not, we Chinese tend to stick together. Even when we are in an angmoh country, drats. Maybe it's because we share common likings, or just that it is less troublesome when finding places to eat, and other small things that bring us out of our comfort zone.

But zooming into the picture, there are even more intrinsc differences that help us to connect with some, and discriminate against others.

I never knew that I was one of the 'minority chinese' in Singapore, having two parents who spoke ONLY ENGLISH AT HOME to me. Purely English educated. I thought that was the norm really, despite me being in an all-chinese kindergarten and the only one who was not fluent in the mother tongue. Sadly, my English was better than the kindergarten teacher's. And I couldn't understand the rapid, jabbing words of most of my classmates. You would think that this made me lonesome and friendless but noooo... all of them wanted to talk to me, crowd around me. They wanted to improve their English by practising with me!

So having this background and all my life (except for kindergarten)schooling at english-speaking schools, I got labeled a 'banana person', yellow on the outside, white on the inside. But it's not my fault really. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't master the script and flowing quality of my mother tongue. So since I was being discriminated against, I also discriminate the 'cheena' people, those who spoke chinese, and ate mee and rice everyday. Thankfully for me, at least in this society, people like us are considered more 'atas'. So through forces of which I inherited (ie a good head for English but not Chinese), I could break out of the 'cheena' zone and also, find it a breeze (more confident) making friends with people from all over the world who spoke English.

This is just an analysis on language, there are so many more FACTORS that determine our lives. It's not good nor bad, it's just a preference. This does not mean I don't make friends with people simply because they are cheena, it means that I usually make friends with angmohs/banana people because I relate better to them, primarily because I come from the same upbringing. I guess in the next generation there will be fewer cheena people...

So, please misunderstand me because I can't speak proper Chinese (what is proper Chinese anyway, definitely not Singaporeanised Chinese), I can't use chopsticks well because I don't have any to use at home.

Yes, I wonder about my future, about how my children are going to fail, fail their mother tongue which isn't even mine. How we already lose our culture by moving down here to this island citystate, and in a few generations become completely displaced with relatives all over the world. Eventually, maybe I will be the first to leave. After all, I have weird angmoh hair which grows big with humidity (Must be due to the angmoh shampoo I use), I cannot survive without skincare made in Italy, Sweden and Japan...argh, just shoot me. I am more humanitarian (or so I'd like to believe) than most Chinese. I genuinely care about the strays, the plastic bags, and the pollution caused by toxic substances we release into the ozone layer. So maybe it's just me, or was I supposed to be born in another era or another place?

It's language that binds us together, a common shared love and understanding of the things we are fond of, and being able to enunciate them is a joy in itself. So enjoy what you have, while it lasts. I honestly think that the eroding of the mastery of the mother tongue itself hs more rapid than we ever think. No one reads chinese books anymore, except the very old and the china-born. So help us God.

Although I had hoped that I would not lose my mother tongue, I had never felt an affinity with it from the very start. So perhaps it's meant to be, released into the unknown, my attempts to master it, in vain, unrecognized, unreconciled. One day I'd be a better speaker - but that day would not be in my lifetime at the very least.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just in our nature

Care and connect.

It's fun to be a part of someone else's love story.

Knarf, Grant and I had a meaningful conversation during lunch hour today. You would think we talk about work - noooo, not during lunch. Was analysing different people's behaviours' and how they would react to different 'temptations'. Well, Grant asked if there was a young girl (not me) 'throwing' herself (just an analogy) at a MAN, do you think the MAN would resist... ...? Being men, they said it's hard to, actually. And I agree. Why no MAN throw himself at me? I'd probably be disgusted! Haha! But aye, this sheds light into certain procedures I've observed, especially between the status quo of our close knit family circle. Been close to a couple of guys, but I think I'm still quite guarded, the effects of my previous soured relationship and trauma, and relief at its imminent end-ed. It's nice when people like Muffin takes the initiative to open up and connect to me, giggle giggle. I guess I miss having that. Also Huntley spends so much time with me, it almost moves me to tears (no, not really)... Being guarded for your heart's sake is one thing, but being too guarded so that you lose the chance for a deep meaningful relationship is just not worth it. Of course, luckily for me, I seldom fall in love that easily. Then again...

And when you connect too much with just one person, it's easy to fall in love.

Maybe that begs the question with why you choose to connect with the person in the first place. Or was it just a divine appointment? I'm a believer of miracles, according to my spiritual gifting profile. That's why maybe I'm so blessed with beautiful people around me. I love the friends I made this year, friends I would have never gotten a chance to know better and deeper if I was in a relationship. And that is one of the reasons too, why I enjoy being single (though I enjoy being attached as well.)

Also, I don't believe that we chose to connect with the person... I mean, it's more of like a natural...synergy, chemistry, where both of you like to argue with each other =P or crap with each other, or tease each other or compliment each other. Sometimes we just cannot explain why we are close with one person and not another. Putting discrimination aside, I guess one of the reasons why I can connect with Muffin and Huntley (currently!) is that I find myself in them. We are starting to imitate each other's persona in a frightfully accurate manner. Or get so funky in the office that it seems time is not a determinant in the depth of knowing someone else.

They remind me of a part of myself that perhaps I've lost along the way, or a part of myself that I've not yet found. They inspire me to be bolder, a better leader, a better person. To be more kind hearted, and nicer to others. How you behave is how you react to the way you are being treated/perceived, that is true. And for them, I also believe that our relationship will help us in life, on the path to success. Despite how busy we get, I hope I'd always have time, for them. And vice versa.

My dear future partner, I pray that you will be healthy, strong and bright. Live your life a full, fulfiling and meaningful one. Don't live it for me, live it for yourself and God. I hope you love God more than me. And love me, more than life itself. I want to see the world together with you, walk on endless beaches, see sunrises and sunsets and snow and mountains and eat endless amounts of ice cream and desserts. And hug all night long. I want to love you in the way my hand will fit yours, in a world where money does not determine our happiness, where nature is close by...with animals, with fresh air and happy people.

Monday, May 07, 2007

When Women Cry

Women have the 'If you need to be told I am not going to tell you' gene
=David Bergin, Switzerland (

Received this in an email earlier during the week, not sure if it's actually factual(and no credit given, sorry) but here it is:

Facts on Tears - "Happy" Vs. "Sad"

Interesting piece of information...

"There was a study done where a control group of 100
people were divided into two. 50 people watched a very
funny, tears-of laughter type movie. 50 watched a
very sad and tears of compassion type movie.

At the end of the sessions researchers collected the
"happy tears" and the "sad tears" with eye droppers.

They found that "happy tears" are made up of brine...
salt water and not a great deal else

However the "sad tears" were found to contain the
very same chemicals and enzymes that are found in
tumors, ulcers and other such lumps and bumps and
sicknesses through out the body.

This test concluded that the body, when crying in
sadness etc is literally flushing out all of the
toxic-chemicals that accumulate and are a part of the
sadness /heartache experience.

Therefore if one holds back those tears, those
toxic-waters will find somewhere else to deposit
themselves... .and prolonged lack-of-crying-release
will guarantee that the body will accumulate a huge
amount of internal pollution and toxicity that should
have been released through the tears........ is it any
wonder that the eyes sting so much when we hold back
our tears?"


I think its common for girls to cry, often, at least in the male mind's opinion.
And sometimes the Men think, too, that we cry for no good reason. Was just sharing on the phone with Snowman, that I used to cry-a-lot in a previous tumultous relationship I had, and was duly condemned for it. Branding my tears from being 'nonsensical', to 'creating a scene', to 'crocodile tears', Xerxes condemned it hugely due to the fact (I presume) that: No. 1, he doesn't cry... No. 2, he doesn't know how to show sympathy/awareness for my situation.

I told Snowman, never tell a girl "Stop crying." It has about the same effect as asking you not to think of a pink elephant sitting in front of you (Yes, you can imagine one now, right!) It only makes the Woman remember why she is crying in the first place, and cry more. Please, a hug would be so much better. Also, I felt very very rejected when Xerxes kept adding insult to injury by saying my tears were fake, etc. Dear all Men, no Woman wants to cry for fun, especially NOT in public. Please. No Woman wants to use her tears to presumably create a scene so that they can feel vindicated. When women cry, generally, it's because they feel sad.

And the sadness can range from anything to a hurt feeling at a single act of betrayal, or more deep issues like childhood trauma, abuse, failure, fears, etc. So when women cry, they can't help it. Just take it that they are releasing their sorrows and often will feel much much better after releasing it. It's easier not to cry, believe me. I've often hid my tears pretty well. But if I can cry in front of you, means that I am pretty much comfortable with the Man I choose to share this part of my life with. So if you insult me for it, I think you are insulting yourself really, for not being able to handle this situation. All it takes is a slient strong shoulder to sob on. We don't need words. We don't need explanations. We just need you to be there.

So, being there, having done that, and yadda yadda, some tips for you clueless men (again, I seem to be constantly dishing out tips. At least for the teachable ones, now you have an edge!)

1. Men do cry too, it's just that Women cry more than Men. Maybe some Economist, Scientist or Doctor can give the reason behind it, but as a generalisation, this is true. So just accept it, don't condemn us, we are the 'fairer' sex you know. More fragile, perhaps more easily hurt.

2. When YOUR Woman cries, just shut up, don't stare at her (Women are very self conscious when they look unpretty when they cry) but don't completely ignore the tears also, and don't focus too much attention on them. And please don't ask the No #1 hated question: Why are you crying. Not, at least, until she has calmed down. Or you risk losing some bodily parts... Try to find some tissue without leaving your spot and if don't have ah, use your shirt. She will feel regretful later and make it up to you, heehee. (Oops.)

3. Don't cry along with her. (Don't laugh, it happened to me. If not both of you will look really stupid, especially at crowded places like MacDonalds' and women being women, they will put their tears aside and try to help you first.)

4. When your Woman FRIEND cries, it depends on how close (or how open) she is for you to be able to do what you wanna do...Most Singaporean women in general prefer the Man to sit beside, nearby, not too close but not too far away. If you hug her tightly it might seem a bit too much. An arm around the shoulder is ok. Of course, depends on the body language. And if you made her cry, all the more, please be the one to soothe the tears too.

5. If someone around you cries chronically, they may be depressed. Or just sad all the time, = depressed so you might like to seek medical help.

So cry, if it makes you feel better. It does, I think.

Friday, May 04, 2007

sex addict rabbit

A Swedish rabbit has been entered into the record books after fathering 4,556 baby rabbits in the last year.

Randy, as he has been cheekily named by his owners, lives in a breeder's house in Stockholm and has amazed everyone who has seen him.

According to his keepers the rabbit is a total sex-addict, and on most days can be seen mating for around 22 hours a day.

The bunny's incredible stamina is set to earn him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Was searching for breeds of rabbits when I found this article. Haha!
Erm, it must be the weather over there.

Swedish rabbits look nice and in wintertime, their coats actually turn white. They are rare though, and I don't think they are available in Singapore.

Will continue on the rabbit/chinchilla hunt...

Must love hawker food

Okay, have been inspired to write more. I do plan to publish a book someday, soon, so I shall set myself a goal this month to write at least every other day, or everyday. I've lots of things in my mind, so typing them out is also bringing a release in some sense, and comfort in other senses. =)

Been meeting and talking with really NICE people, some people whom I really value, and am enthralled by, and love their outlook on life that I'd like to keep around as friends, for a really long time. Huntley reminds me of MrBestFriend in the way he's so supportive, and you feel that it's not only you he supports, but practically everyone else around, and it comes so naturally for him that you want to be like him, or you like him - he's more than nice. More like, supernice. And in this world, you can't really find people like him nowadays - selfless enough to give so much time just to nurture someone else. I wish I could. I think I will, soon.

Have had some differences in thought about my last post - MrSheep and I was having a really animated conversation (He simply can't believe I'm an 80s kid - do I look that old?) Well, I learnt from him not only values of investing, of insuring, but also about (married) life. I think I'm really blessed in this essence that some of my friends take the time to educate me about 'what to expect when married'. But it's rather one-sided. All I hear about is how their wives spend too much on shoes, who does the housework (the wife, sadly) and how easy it is to be faithful to one person when you are right with God. So, I just brought it up to MrSheep that hey, I don't want a person liking me just because I suit certain aspects of his criteria (Next post, I've analysed it: The ME Factor. More on that later...) but he said that that SHOULD BE one of the most important things, when you fall in love, decide to chase, and decide to marry. Which reminds me of the question I posed earlier to Munchkin, and some of my cell members: To you, is LOVE a decision or a feeling? (Can only choose one.)

For MrSheep, one of his 'must haves' criterias is that his Madam Right "must love hawker food". I sincerely told him I don't fit into this category given my current obsession for japanese curry and whatnot. (Yesterday, I ate Haagen Daz for lunch.) Because he loves hawker food. It's a funny criteria, at least for most people, even if they do love it, they don't really consider it as a criteria. But as MrSheep puts it, he is marrying someone who will share his life with him. That true. Too true. For most Asians, I think things like this do matter a lot. For me it doesn't really, or maybe I have not realised it yet. I think I need someone who has dreams. It's always comforting to know that. And also likes small animals. Or at least doesn't mind me keeping them. I don't think of myself as an animal lover, but my family does feed a stray, and also we have kept different pets, even insects before. Once, I brought home an injured baby sparrow. It kept pecking my hands but I hid it in my skirt and brought it back. It died and I was heartbroken. Although I don't consider myself an animal lover, friends around me do think so. I'm not crazy enough to have like 10 cats as pets next time, but I will definitely have a small animal around. Next time when you are parents, please allow your children to keep animals. It helps them to be kind-hearted, and also possibly better parents. Even though I had asthma when I was young, my parents let me keep almost anything I wanted, except for dogs. But I know that I will be rich someday, and live on a big estate, with all the guard dogs I dogs are not on the list for now. Haha!

So maybe, after considering this, I should have some wacky criterias too. Can't think of any right now, it would be fun to see what we really like and want in life. I always thought that it would be nice to have someone who can write and write to me. Not out of obligation, but because of passion.

Kie and Grant have been analysing 'why Spiritedly likes High XX(a certain type) of Guys.' Noooo, where got. Maybe initially, this XX factor will attract me. It does now, more than ever, because of my work scope. But eventually, I think XXX factor is better, or, more appealing in the long run. Silly! As what someone (female married colleague) said to me before, High X or High XX or High XXX does not REALLY matter when it comes to marriage, because the couple will tend to become almost similar, and only in emergency situations, does one get up and become High X... it's true. Huntley said too that High XXX only applies, mainly to work and Spiritedly says, we shouldn't limit ourselves. Too often, we say, Oh, we are High XX and then, don't bother to change. I always thought it good to be able to switch around when the occasion calls for it. Not to put a limit on ourselves, but to know our weaknesses and capitalise on our strengths!

Let's get married soon, need someone to appreciate my nice hairless long legs and other stuff before it gets saggy and wrinkly...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

When it should be the WHY

Drawing lines.

So nice to receive a postcard from Malta where Meatball is working at now. I mean, it's just two sentences but it's the thought that counts. And all the way from there, too. Angmohs are so lovely. He also wrote to me with a picture of the Northern Lights. Was telling Travis that he should write to girls (that he likes). I mean, it's not what is written, it's more of the gesture, the action of actually writing, saying, hey, I am thinking of you.

(I will write back, just that I don't have his address.)

I hope my future better half likes to write to me. Hee!

I used to wish that we could write to each other in a notebook, passed from one lovebird to another. It would be so nice. A great way to communicate, too. Maybe it's just me but guys who don't write usually don't last very long in their relationships with me. Girls like this kind of stuff, really. So write, pen your thoughts down to her.

Was just thinking about how people are focused on the 'who you like?' rather than the 'why'. I always thought that the 'why' should come first. I hope that no one likes me, oh, because I'm tall and slim and they've always liked outspoken girls. Bleah! How about the soul, the spirit within? You can never know a person till you marry them - it's true, but at least, see the 'me' inside. Read this book today, don't think I'd forget what was said for a long time to come. (It's 'Everybody's normal till you get to know them' - John Ortberg) It says that in The Church we often hear about how its been told, that all of us have a God shaped vacuum in our hearts that only God's presence can fill. True! But he also mentions that there is a human shaped vacuum in our hearts that only humans can fill. Hmm. Guess it's true. I value friendships a lot. But I don't often get to keep, or maintain my friendships well, unless they happen to be people I get to see a lot, like my colleagues, clients, or cell mates. I do like them a lot - been very happy to find out more about the really nice people around me that just want to help me, be a cheerleader for me, and share tips on how to handle work and ministry/life's issues. =)

Back to the 'why'. I've often observed that we like different sorts of people at different stages in our lives. At a certain point, you need more mature partners. Other times, you need those 'act cute' or helpless types, (maybe more for guys, sorry I have too many guy pals) and the most important thing is to choose a partner, if you are looking for a life partner, that will grow along with you. Someone you can bear to look at for the rest of your life and never be bored by his antics. One reason why I knew that my last relationship was doomed for the dustbin was because we couldn't even have a connection. Caring is one thing, connecting is another. And really, it's hard to show you care when you can't even connect, or talk properly, or fight it out reasonably. I should never have to imagine it coming to an end, but I always did, and when it did at last, all I felt was relief. I'm not going to bitch about all the things that happened, because there is always more than two sides to the story - BBC: our mind can imagine up realities, wooo... yeah but it was a bad choice, really. I am awfully optimistic, and it being the fourth relationship I just wanted it to be the be all and end all. The finale, finito, a conclusion to my dating life. But it was not meant to be, and I thank God for that. I sometimes wonder, because he's taking such a long time to appear. Appear! =) Cuz I can't wait to fall in love with you. And I know that God will be there, at least, we will be happy together for a long, long time.

When you like someone, don't focus on the WHO. Focus on the WHY. Then at least you can know, for sure. Learn from my mistakes, don't have to make it on your own. For sometimes the WHO can be very misleading, but the WHY always rings true in your heart. Strip away all the mere barriers of superficiality, and ask yourself would you still be able to fall in love with him/her, if he was crippled like Joni Eareckson? Would you still love his spirit if he looked really different? Ask yourself, what matters. Because in the end, or 20 years down the road, he will look very different from the young chap you used to like. But still, if you remember the WHY in your heart, you will love him forever.

For Grant, I know you can't forget her. I hope to have a love as deep as yours, but one to call my own for this lifetime. I hope you move on, I hope you can find someone like her to call your own. Sometimes loving is painful, and moving on even more so. But you've got to let this phantom go, and find true happiness, aye?