Friday, May 29, 2009


While in Australia...Me creeping up behind the cow... hyuks. Have you ever seen such a furry cow upclose? We were fascinated by it.

Ta-dah! This is a perfect shot with cow and me.

I was very happy on my trip - thought the whole trip was just perfect. My bestie couldn't have planned it better... we had ample time to walk slowly through the nature at Philip and Churchill Islands, did shopping at the Duty-Free, I ate all the stuff I wanted to, like lamingtons, and raspberries. Got quite a few nice togs too! I can't wait to wear my new jeans and nice tops.

Met Mr A., yesterday night when I was back. I realised that... I've missed him tremendously. It's okay in the day when I'm busy with stuff, but in the night, just as I'm covered in my quilt and snuggly drifting to sleep, I have thoughts of him. Our time together always seems so short... I wanna hug him... but I think that will scare him off, man. We went for dinner and then watched a movie, our first movie : Night at the Museum 2. I'm easily amused so warned him in advance I might laugh at the not-so-funny parts, so don't be disgusted or embarrassed. But during the movie, I think he laughed much louder than me, haha. It's a really funny show, we were laughing uproariously throughout it. Must watch!

I bought a 'Where's Wally' travel edition book for him, we spent some time looking. It's not fun to play it with Mr A, he always spots Wally so quickly... I can't... boooo. Guess I'm a big-picture person. It's nice to just admire the beautiful intricate drawings in the picture. And, if we ever run out of things to talk about, we can just take out the book and play, such a good idea right?  

For trip photos, check out my albums. I've tried to put the best shots with as useful information as I possibly can.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Golden Retriever

All about GRs. Watch it to brighten up another sunshine day!


Me with Mr A.'s Golden Retriever puppy stuffed toy. He named it Oreo, I think. So cute, hor.

Alright. I'm going to Australia soon. Fingers crossed. I won't actually be too excited until I really reach there. 

Kinda hectic over the last few days trying to allocate my work to an assistant (hyuks!) and packing and all. I don't have many 'winter collection' clothes either. So actually bought 2 sweaters - a raspberry colored one (So that when I eat raspberries over there, the stain will not show, hee...) and a striped one which has angora (wabbit fur! sobs!) in it. I was warned that it could be quite cold, so I hope those will be enough.

Going to really try to... take in all the sights and sounds I could possibly do in a week.

I think I miss Mr A. already. He's been bogged down with work, as usual. But... it would be nice to hear his voice one more time before I go... *gulp*. I wonder if the absence will do us good, or make it weird, like... don't know what to say after some time... awkward silences and all. We'll see.

I leave you with some pick-up lines before doing the last thing for the day, wiping my office desk and arranging the papers stashed onto it into some semblance of harmony.

These are christian pick up lines so... feel free to use them!

One of my favorites, as spoken (jokingly of course) by Mr. A:
"Let's tithe together."

Christian pick up lines!

1. "Is it a sin that you stole my heart?"

2. (Serious tone) "I hear there's going to be a love offering tonight."

3. "Do you need help carrying your Bible? It looks heavy."

4. "I would like to pray with you."

5. (To ladies) "Excuse me, I think one of your ribs belongs to me."

6. "Hi, my name is Will ... ...God's Will."

7. When I saw you, I knew the true meaning of 'rejoice and be glad'.

8. If Eve was tempted by an apple then you must be my fruit.

9. How would you like to join my purpose-driven life?

10. Would you like to come to my place... my parents are at home.

Haha. And with that, I bid adieu.

Monday, May 18, 2009

co-owning a dog

For Sunday's outing, me and Mr A. went to the 'puppies-for-sale' place again. Actually, we went to Seletar Fish Farm, then Pasir Ris Farmway, then dinner and a nice long walk at Changi Beach Boardwalk. Sometimes at these god-forsaken places, it seems like there are only two of us in the world and time just stops and we can just sit and stare at the waves crashing on the rocky islets.
The Changi beach boardwalk is quite a nice built-up walk that traverses the shores of the beach and at the 'Fairy point', mimics a kelong. I love that Mr A. and I always like to explore these off-the-beaten track places, hopefully we won't morph into those shopping mall-and-a-movie people.
And I'm glad that in those oft-secluded places, I can really trust Mr A. Truly, for him, action speaks louder than words. In this case, I can tell he's a decent guy by the space he places between us - I'm fine with being closer, but I respect him even more when he doesn't intrude into my personal space. He doesn't have to say he's decent, gentlemanly, etc... he proves it by the way he acts. *clap clap clap* So Nice!
I'm thankful that he's such a decent guy.
And Mr A. is brave, too. He's extremely scared of reptiles. Even small ones like lizards. I think it's the slimy scaly feeling that puts him off. Once I wanted to tap a lizard off a glass pane and fling it at him, he just shuddered and hugged his oolong tea bottle tightly in one corner. (Okay, I am not so bad to fling it at him.) And he doesn't know what is a salamander...nor a newt. So when I told him that I had filmed newts and actually held one in my hand.. he kinda freaked out. (Actually my camerawoman and soundman also kinda freaked out when I held it out to them.)
There were still some newts left at the fish farm so Aunt scooped them out. At first, Mr A. just looked at us with trepidation, but after knowing we won't be so bad to fling it at him, he gingerly opened his palm and I let it wriggle on his palm. Although could sense that his skin was crawling at the fact a little black newt was there... he just held it and remained calm. I'm so proud of him. Next time I shall catch him salamanders.

It seems that I can never tire of looking at small cute dogs and that... would be a most wonderful way to spend a weekend. The last time we went to Pet Movers, we were observing a litter of Golden Retriever pups - 6 of them from the same parents. Now, they are really much bigger, and 2 of them were already sold, leaving 4. Mr A. likes a small one who always seems to be resting on its wee paws and looking out sombrely, unlike its' more rambunctious siblings. There was one who was constantly wrestling with whichever he could get to play with him. We ran out of energy just by watching him jump on his siblings and walloping them... ... On the way back, in the car, we already happily imagined we were owning one dog, and started thinking of names.
"Chappati...come 'ere Chappati"
"No Chappati!"
"I know... let's call him 'Danga!' "
"You know what Ms Cheerful said?"
"What? How she knows we are going to co-own a dog?"
"*snigger* Heh... she said... we should call it a mix of our names. How about... R... Rex??"
"Rex is too common. 'Thosai'?"
"Larry is my pastor's name."
"Larry! Nice name for dog. Larry... larry..."
And so on. Hmmm, I miss him already.
This actress kinda looks like me. Or I look like her? Maybe in the future we will have a Golden Retriever. Hee...

Saturday, May 16, 2009


My first 'pet' - neighbor's cat in Melbourne. Going there next week, after 20 years since my first stay. I'm so chic lasttime with the sunny yellow top, stonewash jeans and... bubblegummers shoes.

Today, while chatting to Mr A, I mentioned that I had a headache (I think due to a stiff neck) for some days...

He asked: "Did you have late nights?"

I replied: "All my late nights are with you."

We both "!!!"

Haha, I meant phone conversation like until 1 am, for 3 days this week. I think, that is already kind of pushing my limits - and his. He has to wake up earlier, so I feel truly bad for yakking until we are both like... mumbling nonsense. I also realise that I tend to speak what's on my mind - like the really nice and sweet stuff, when I am half-concious. One of those nights, I requested a little lullaby from him, and he obliged. Hee, the memory of it now gives me little bubbles inside.

Oh...and somehow, we have both agreed on everything so far. =( I mean, it's not that I'm happily agreeing to everything he says, and vice versa. Those who know me know I have strong opinions and will not hesitate to opine them when I feel so. Mr A. thought that perhaps, I agree with his opinions because he voice them out first. Well, I do take kindly to others' views as well, and perhaps may 'align' mine with their own. But still, I've never met anyone whom I agree with so well.

So we decided to find some topics to disagree upon.

His colleagues were having some discussion about 'marriage issues' so he posted them to me. One was about money - in Vietnam, the custom was the husband give the wife all his salary, what was my view about that? The other one was a question which I think many people had vastly strong opinions about - depending on their upbringing, or mostly, I feel, it depends on their age. Would you be willing to live with the guy and the in-laws?

Umm. I think most people my age have strong opinions that they would. not. live. with. in-laws.

But for me, actually I've always assumed that not only would I have to - but I actually want to.
Because, I find that a house with two people is... too quiet. And, as I've mentioned before, it would be really thrilling for me to learn from the mother-in-law, how she cooks fish, how she lives in her older-generation way...I think there is much to learn, for me. Even grandmothers, I do secretly relish the thought of living with these women if I have the chance to, and learn their ways. I don't see myself as a submissive woman, but rather how my life will be enriched, as opposed to living on my own. How nice, to learn from the mother-in-law, how to cook her son's favorite dishes! And to learn other wifely things too. =)

So, after these 'deep issues' questions... we still agreed on everything!!! Initially he thought that I am the agreeable one, so he made me say my opinions first before he said his. But after all I said, he totally agreed. It totally amazes me that we are so 'like-minded' because, character-wise, we are very, very different. And not really complementary per se.

I wonder, if one day we will run out of things to talk about. We are still talking about 'danga bay' - the place where we met and got acquainted briefly. I think it's nice to have someone agree with you on things, and I also think it's important in the long run, if we do have one.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

With each passing day

I think this is in one of the Pacific Islands, probably Vanuatu or New Caledonia.

Okay, so we have exchanged more than 100 smses. Not that I'm keeping count; but my stupidphone (opposite of smartphone) can only keep up to 500 smses and it will blink 'full'.

I will be really dismayed when I have to delete them.

Mr A is someone whose 'action speaks louder than words' - not that he is very action-packed, haha, but the way he speaks out demonstrates his 'care and concern'. Like once when we were in the car, and it went over a bump, bumpily. Being ever blissful and happy in his presence, I was unconcerned. But he gently apologized for the bumpy ride. Awww. And lately in his smses, his concern from a quiet, sincere heart just moves me. In little ways, like yesterday, asking if I'm caught in the heavy afternoon rain ( I was out on a recee.) Or during mealtimes, smsing if I had already taken my lunch, or dinner. When we came back in the morning from Seletar Reservoir, it had started raining - I was totally fine with dashing to my lift lobby, but dear Mr A went to grab a brolly from the back of the car - and got his back drenched in the process. (As, his car had auto-lock and I had to spend some time figuring how to open the back door.) I was so touched I wanted to, umm, wipe him dry... but I refrained. Haha. 

I've always wished for a man like that. Even without speaking it out, sometimes we both know what each other is thinking about - or, when I have some not-so-good opinions which I diplomatically don't wish to express, he will somehow sense the things left unsaid, and keep saying 'tell me' adamantly till I accede. I appreciate these little things, and I firmly believe that it's the little things that make or break it. It's still strange times, when we find ourselves comfortable yet unfamiliar with each other. On one hand, he's the closest person in my life right now. On the other, is it a matter of too close, too soon? While I prefer to remain idealistic and calmly state that I do not want to give any time frame to... getting to know and understand and love someone, neither do I want to venture into unchartered and therefore riskier waters. I find myself missing him when we do not communicate, be it on the phone, or in other ways... just a little longing. And I think he does, too - last two nights have been nice long-ish talks on the phone - I always feel bad for disrupting his sleep pattern, Mr A goes to bed at 1115 everyday, whereas me, can sleep later as I hit office later. And he feels bad too, because I get quite 'high' from talking to him, and most of the time find it hard to drift to sleep after. Being an extrovert I think I suck all his life energy, thus he sleeps peacefully while...I just can't! But still, the happy bubble floats to the next day.

I think I can survive without sleep as long as I have love.

A wise lady whom I've always looked up to once gave me this advice last year.
I've never forgotten it, really.

If there is someone you have in mind, or maybe the person has you in mind... she told me to ask me this question: Do you foresee yourself spending a lifetime with him?

It's a really simple question really, and it shouldn't have to be told to us... but I think all of us grow a little blind, and deaf, and stupid when matters of the heart are involved. Sometimes we get a little insecure, or lost, or lonely, or feel that we have no better choice. But we always have a better choice - even if it means being single 'at this age!?!', I think it's better off than making a lifetime mistake. And I've had plenty of opportunities to make this kind of mistakes. As what Alkitab proclaimed into my life, "I'm so happy for you! Don't you trust God that He has a better one in store for you? And see, you've met him!" =)

Sometimes we don't realize that if the person is someone who... keeps making us worry about them by suddenly disappearing, or not showing that they are someone you can trust, or someone who is alright really, but there is a glaring fact you choose to omit, like - hey, there is an obvious language barrier, or certain things you can't stand about him, his couch-potatoness ('Eh, you need umbrella? Get it yourself la') , his alpha-maleness('Carry my sunglasses for me. Carry my backpack for me. Go fetch me the newspaper.') , his bitterness ('Why do you keep bringing up the past, things that happened donkey years ago???'), his quietness ('Eh, no response? Say something?? Am I talking to myself again... ')... etc... will you be able to stand it for a lifetime? ...Really?

But this Mr A, even though none of us have broached the topic yet (and if it does not come to pass, I still confirm I am assured and submit myself to His Will)... we have made small faux pas sometimes, like talking about future trips we will make together, where we envision him diving and me, reading a book on the beach and catching salamanders...or cooking for each other, he is going to make me spaghetti and meatballs... and I have to whip up my clan's specialty, hainanese chicken rice. 

I feel like... hey, we will never run out of topics to talk about despite talking endlessly, for days, on a deserted island, etc. Last night I was mumbling, sleepily, to him, 'Umm, how nice if I don't have to work tomorrow... ...

... ...Then, I can talk to you until the next morning.'


Sunday, May 10, 2009

stomach flips

Yesterday, in the car on the way to dinner:

Alkitab: I think that all girls in love look radiant. Don't you agree?
Me: Umm, ya...
Alkitab to the rest of the people in the car: Don't you think that Spiritedly looks radiant?
Me: !!!
Me: I look radiant because I went for a facial yesterday!
(Everyone roars with laughter)

Yesterday, at Punggol Jetty:
Mr A: Which place do you want to retire in next time?
Me: Umm... are you inviting me?
Mr A: ... ... ...
Yesterday, at Seletar Reservoir:
Me: (singing softly, a song) 'That would be so nice... if one day I find... someone who will take my hand and suffer through life with me...'
Mr A: What song is that?
Me: I serenade you with 'So Nice'... because you are so nice!
Mr A: ... ... ...
I met A last night. It's funny how I anticipate meeting him again but ... act nonchalant about it. Perhaps I think that the guys should always initiate. Anyways he said that he had something to share, and sunday being occupied for both of us (I'm singing at a wedding later! Excited!) we agreed (he suggested!) to meet on Saturday evening.

Ms Cheerful asked me during the week whether there was anything about A that I didn't like... and apart from his 'antenna' hairstyle (ok, I do find it kinda cute) there wasn't anything I could dislike. This week, we had a wee bit of a fracas - After Kie shared his doubts about A's sincerity of future dog-co-ownership thingy, I just asked him again on sms, directly, and seriously... ...whether he meant it or not when he suggested the 'helping me to take care of future dog on weekends' scheme. I never doubted he was sincere, but, I just had to ask again. As I'd be super disappointed if it does not happen, if I do eventually decide to have a dog.

He assured me that he really meant it, and it would be something that both of us needed to consider carefully as well. 'You angry?' he asked. I was thinking, how could I ever be angry at him, when he has done nothing wrong, and .... everything right? =)

So last night, we went to Punggol Marina at my suggestion. It's like a suburban run-down version of Keppel Bay, but I like it so much better. We sneaked in to explore many places, somebody's personal karaoke place which looked like some suspicious activity was also transacting... haha... took a lift to the 6th floor to try to go up to the top but it was locked... explored all the areas. It was so much like an adventure, and we went to the Punggol Jetty too, and later, Seletar Reservoir until the rainclouds appeared. It sounds funny but I think God is like smiling at us and maybe also enjoying our conversation... He always creates beautiful works of nature for us, last night when we came out of the car at Punggol Marina, the full moon was directly above us and shining through the clouds... brightly... so beautiful! The last week, I saw a wondrous sunset, the sun was emitting such a bright amber glow.

Or maybe when I am 'radiant' then do I start to notice all the ... beautiful things that speak of God's love around me.

We snuck in to a place where the regulars were fishing and the two of us found a pier overlooking some island and sat there. A shared how a book I lent him, John Ortberg's 'When the Game is Over it all goes back into the box' really helped him to make a decision about going for his dreams, in his career. Maybe because of the way I was brought up - my parents encouraged all of us to study whatever we liked, and work in whatever we felt like doing as long as it was legal, haha. So although pilots have the highest divorce rate, as long as he'd be happy doing it instead of a staid finance job, and not have any lifelong regrets to why he never ventured forth... ... I'm happy that he has taken a step towards doing something he wants to do in his life. It was all because of my book, he said. And funnily enough, this John Ortberg book did not speak to me as much as the others did, but I just felt compelled to lend him this book - Spirit's prompting, or something else? This year, I've lent and bought many other books for the rest too, I hope that they are also... inspired to do something life-changing! Alkitab and Pianist both told me that their birthday Eldredge books was really good for their lives, I feel happy.

And for me, I'm just savoring every little moment I can spend with A. The future may be... just friends who like to spend hours sharing, or perhaps as I hope for, something more... but whatever it may bring I'm just thankful that God has brought this to pass. I'm glad that I have submitted my burning feelings to God - in March and April, because if it had dragged me down into a sea of despair, or made me too... hopeful, I don't think I would have enjoyed the time as it is, now. And God's ways are always higher than ours, so I am truly, trusting in His plan for my life. I also know that this A has captured my heart in a way that no one else can, and through the little things he says, like asking whether I have eaten, and wanting to do something together, maybe he also loves me in this sweet way.


The sunset at the road outside my residential area... the photo doesn't do it justice, it was really looking like a molten amber-gold bar... =)

Monday, May 04, 2009

SPCA 'Adlan Laika' English

Lately, I've taken to watching REALLY GOOD videos on youtube, those that tells a really strong story in as least time as possible.

All in the name of research, of course.

This one by Yasmin Ahmad who says:

On the 29th of December, 2008, my crew and I shot this commercial in Ipoh. It was a one-day shoot, alhamdulillah.

I had written a script, based on the true story of Encik Shahrul's family, or more specifically, of his youngest child, Adlan.

Adlan was an extreme autistic who, for 7 years, behaved like he was trapped in a bubble, unable to communicate with the outside world, and vice versa.

What finally brought him out of that state is shown in the commercial you see here.

The dog is the most misunderstood animal in this country. Its haters, I'm sad to say, are largely Malays who often don't even know the difference between "haram" and "najis", let alone the finer points and different degrees of najis.

With this little film, I urge my people to read more about the true Islamic rules concerning this beautiful creature of God, and to please refrain from being cruel to it.

Let's do this for Allah.

more on her blog at

A dog, which dog?

Last night, on msn...

Me: Thank you for being a co-owner (of my future dog) with me. You make a good co-owner!

Mr A: I make an even better father.

Me: I'd like my eggs unfertilized for now, thanks...

Mr A: ... ... ...

Haha. Couldn't resist.

It was Mom's remark that she didn't mind a small dog that actually got me thinking about having one. Most of my friends have dogs/had dogs but I could never afford (feeding one) or the time to take it on a daily walk. But now, I think I'm at the right age and the right...frame of mind to actually own a dog. 

Although I will still take about 1-2 months to finalize my decision, and do some research. 
It's kinda of a big commitment for me, as most of my previous pets were all short-living ones.

Mr A is sweet, he actually volunteered to 'co-own' the dog and keep it at his place on weekends. So I take care of it on weekdays. 
He said it's like I have more custody, haha... ...And he was really serious about it. He kept dogs before, so he understands the 'commitment'. And it was after he really said that that got me thinking, seriously. Since I also like dogs (I like all animals). 

We went to Pasir Ris Farmway 3 to take a look at the dogs for sale - the first one was more of a posh, sterile environment with really nice looking dogs, the other one was more homely, hdb-suited dogs. I think we stared at the puppies for hours - there were lots of Golden Retrievers, two different families of them, and they were mostly sleeping. I know that the 'first one out' tends to be...the healthiest, usually being bigger and stronger than the rest, but the downside is that it also has a more dominant personality, so it may be a role reversal, ie you become the dog and he the master, if you should choose such a puppy. We saw 3 little huskies - huskies actually look weird when they are pups, like little dunno-what animals. One with black rings around his eyes, I wanted to call him Bandit, and Mr A said if he had that dog, he would call him 'Zorro'. I don't like yappy dogs that are too small, in fact if not for the fact that HDB had such rules, I'd want a bigger dog. But there are limits to our imagination being here in Sg. 

We also found out we had the same taste in dogs - I can never understand why people like to keep chihuahuas or ...pomeranians. I don't really like poodles or malteses or schnauzers (too common nowadays), or shih tzus ... jack russells are too hyper for me. Something calming and sweet would be nice. I prefer hound-type or beagle, spaniel type dogs to toy-dog types... hee. So we have narrowed down to either a beagle or an italian grayhound - which Mr A can then feed spaghetti and leftover meatballs. 

I had the best Sunday ever!!! And we saw a nice sunset and sat through a dog obedience training course, as still in some happy bubble where I feel all warm and fuzzy and blissful and cheery... is this the way it's supposed to feel like? Whee!

It feels amazingly good, and because I am now much older and wiser after the last two years of ups and downs, I think I'm not going to over-analyze anything - which is what I'm prone to do, and just live in the moment and treasure every word, every time spent. Because to me, in life, what matters most is catching those moments and making them real.