Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It's been crazy days.
I'm glad to be alive, and healthy... protected in God's umbrella despite the financial turmoil - seems to be doing good for my co. Maybe my biz is recession-proof, but I also feel for those who have been hit. Some of my clients are selling their land - something they should hold onto because land prices don't dip, but I guess I understand that they do need the spare funds, or are withdrawing it for a purpose.

I'm so tired - over tired, thanks to the insomnia I've been having lately plus the long hours standing on my feet. The long hours on feet, thanks to lots of jobs that suddenly popped up. I'm filming EVERY weekend - I think I can take a months' leave in Dec/Jan... plus the long hours talking to people? Scoping out places? Trying to make sure everything goes smoothly - *tired laughter. It's hard to smile or make others smile for the camera when all you can think of is... other things, haha. It's hard to sleep when someone/somethings/someone and somethings suddenly pops into your mind as if it has hired a small little elf to shout at you, saying, hey, 'HERE' is what you're supposed to think about. And although you encourage your mind not to think about it, it does exactly the opposite; so without resorting to drastic measures like hypnosis, you just let it wander until you fall into a dreary, gray, empty restless shell of sleep which is rudely awakened all too soon by the relentless pounding of upgrading going on under my staircase landing...

It's hard to remain positive when you're tired.

Worse still, missing someone/something/someone and somethings. (Actually I miss lots of things... my bed, my sleep, my Melaka, my bestfriend, my msbestfriend, my unaching body, my formerly eyebagleseyes...my sanity...)

My trusted secrets-keeper Kie is still away so no one to use as a punching bag, I mean confidante...No, I don't have much secrets, just horrific stories about my purely evil thoughts...


On another note my new colleague who sits behind me (we are both facing walls), who also faces extremely stressful projects like meee, is acting kinda cute and cheeky. I think the stress brings out the chirpy cute side of him because he doesn't seem to be so cute...He makes funny sounds when stressed, complains in a one-liner on msn, eats The Boss' cookies; and today, said 'goodnight darling' in french. Hee... amused.