Friday, October 03, 2008


What is a godly response?

Lately, I've been wondering if hearing from God is a good thing, or not.
I've mentioned lately that sometimes the most stressful thing can be - not knowing what to do. I've realised through the events of the last few years that the tumultuous early 20s helps us to handle stress better. I'm sure most of my peers hav been through failed relationships, job and industry changes, a switch from working to studying or vice versa, and all these has helped us to grow, so that we can make more mature decisions in our 30s (like not buying china milk powder to poison our infants...haha...couldn't help it.)

As an extrovert, I am affected by external environments and situations not within my control. That is why sometimes I am indecisive, like a lot of other people. But I've decided to listen, to God. Obedience brings blessings, it's been said. I've never said "No", only "why"... ...

I can't say insincere words, so I am not saying anything.
Tell me, what is a godly response? Pray - haven't I prayed enough for the one thing left in my life which have not been answered yet... ... Hope? Or just decide to move on? WTF.

On a more cheerful note... things are looking up on the work front.

I met Elvin Ng last week at the stylo fashion grand prix. This is a still captured from the video footage. He's a nice, sincere and 'what you see is what you get' kinda guy. Nothing flashy nor trying to charm you. He's better looking in real life, and tall too. I enjoyed talking to him, it was a great experience trying out live hosting for the first time - I think I'm quite spontaneous; or rather more spontaneous than scripted so it was fun to ask him questions that just pop out from my head from dunno-where.

This picture cracks me up the whole day, actually I WAS NOT aiming my fist at him. And he was not acting scared, just that it seems that way, haha! I think I was asking him a question and he was thinking about it...

Sitting down and waiting for the show to start. Somehow I always look good from 'high angle shots'. Also look good with flash, it 'blinds' my facial flaws. Face by Anna Sui, Benetint on lips, Lemon yellow dress from Victoria's Secrets, gold wedges from M&S, bag from the Platinum mall in BKK.