Thursday, July 02, 2009

day off

Since Mr. A chirpily requested to have me take a day off, I requested for tomorrow (Friday) off, along with submitting my taxi claim forms. (It's $350. For. this. month.)

My boss just agreed and said that I could take days off whenever I liked since all of us are working so hard and all... ... so I seized the opportunity to say that in August I will be taking one day here and two days here. No problem, he smiled. Later he realised that since he will not be around also, he magnanimously decided to declare tomorrow as a company holiday! (paid, for those who are on contract, too!) So all my colleagues also have a day off, thanks to Mr. A! =)

Well, why we want to have a holiday is because Mr A.'s birthday is today! He's sooooo nice, told me not to buy anything (which theoretically... I didn't...) but he will be very happily surprised (I hope!)  at what I have planned in store for him. 

Which all details shall be revealed later... ... hyuks. I'm very excited! And I realise there are SO MANY NICE PEOPLE helping me. I think true love DOES conquer all.

We have been meeting up pretty often, unplanned... just happened that I caught a cold and he 'bu fang xin' so accompanied me home, then yesterday I was out doing my nails and we ate dinner and went home together too. Living nearby does help a lot, I wouldn't want to put him out or request his company so often if he were to live far away. But we are on the same MRT stop when it comes to the NorthSouth line and a few bus stops or streets away, so it's nice to have that level of nearness, knowing that if he leaves me at 1030 he can reach home before 11. And sleep at 11:15. Do guys always go to sleep at the same time (during weekdays?) 

Tomorrow we will have a nice brunch either at Bishan Park's 'The Canopy" or at Dempsey BloodBros' Cafe which I love love love... .... and then traipse down to town to do a little shopping or explore Haji Lane.